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Anybody know where the USS George Washington is moored??    

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Outside my window, across from Oryukdo SKView Apartments. 
From Kyungsundae, you can take the 22, 24, 27, or 131 bus and get off at Sungmo Hospital. 

Google Map here


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Thanks Jeff

Will George Washiongton still be in Busan on this weekend?

I want to go there and have a good look.

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Looks like George is here until Sunday

The U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington will steam into Busan Port on Wednesday in time for the "two plus two" meeting of the foreign and defense ministers of South Korea and the U.S. 

On board a military aircraft bound for Seoul with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Defense Department spokesman Geoff Morrell on Monday said the carrier will lie at anchor at Busan Port
from Wednesday to Sunday . Three more American warships, including the destroyer McCampbell, will also visit Busan and Jinhae ports during the same period, he said. 

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went today. you cant really get close to it. it is docked at the furthest dock from where peeps can go. it is an army base after all.

the best view is actually from above. when you go down it seems further away. still pretty cool tho.

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So that's why I was seeing roughly two truckloads of tattooed, muscular foreigners walking around Haeundae with their shirts off on Friday (and they hadn't even reached the beach, yet).  I was looking at my watch and thinking, "Where are all of these foreigners coming from?  It's too early in the day for most teachers to be finished."

True to their reputation, they were certainly having a good ol' time hitting on anything wearing a bikini.

Hide your girlfriends until after Sunday, fellas.

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Texas street must have been a mad house last night. Anyone there?