fees for a private tutor

How much should I pay for a private tutor on once or twice a week in two or three hours?
The lessons would be just free talking for any topics in a small group(less 5) of adults(moms, actually).

It would be appreciated for your help.

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It is 50 for one and more if more come. 35-40??? Are you kidding me. No way! If two kids I get 60. It is hard to get more than that but I have been 70 before because I had 4 students. They all save money and I make a little more. Thats is the way it works. 35-40 is what hagwons should be paying. I would never do a private for even 40-never mind a group of people.

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It's an adult class people not children. If they came to my house I'd go 35-40,000. If I had to travel? more. 

If it were children? sure 50+ or not at all.

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Well, really middle school should pay more than kids, high school more than middle school and adults more than high school.  I know teaching adults is easier and less stress but it demands more expertise (theoretically) and that's what people pay for.

And as John said, more money for more students.  I know a lot of foreigners charge $5 more. My girl friend charges 25% more per extra student and everyone is still happy about the saved money.  Same as the taci driver who picks up a second passenger, drops you off at the same destination and then collects two fares.  Different culture, different logic and all that.

LBS, you are constantly talking about inflation etc.  Well, 40,000 was the going rate when i got here 8 years ago and back then nobody would accept 35,000.

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I live in a poorer area than you probably do dog. It would be hard to get more than 40,000w to be honest. As I teach right from our apt. I don't have to travel anymore, which I found out was causing all my stress, not the teaching itself.  


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come on lee bum! Dont take under 40! What are you thinking? If you take under 40.. the rest of us will have to do it!!!! gEEEEEEEEZezezezeze

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I don't take under 40,000w. The thing is I don't live in Busan and most of you do and in richer areas like Haeundae. You can't get blood from a stone. I think 40,000w is decent concidering I don't travel, at all.

What good is 50,000w for a one hour private if it takes you 30min.+ each way and travel fares?  It's the better part of 2-3hours spent for 50,000w, That's not any better than me at 40,000w/hr spending one hour vs. 1-2 of transit dead time.

If you have multiple privates in that area then sure it makes sense to travel but who hasn't shown up at a place and no one is home? A bitchy nosey mother? Pesky little brother? Rubber cham-ae(that gross white fruit) served? bad instant coffee? no air-con?, waiting for the envelope that doesn't come or comes late?

No thanks comrad captains, I'll work from home and eliminate all of the above. I'm too old for that kind of shit.


ps...sorry modz too many 'shits'. I edited it.

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That's all well and good LBS but your original reply to the above ladies question didn't say "35,000 - 40,000 as long as you don't live in Busan and are prepared to travel to your teachers house".

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Yeah, I should have made that more clear. I was thinking of my situation only, which isn't the norm.

I'm done with Saturday classes as of today also Dog. My 2:30pm cancelled for whatever reason and I vow I will never teach a Saturday ever again no matter how lucrative , scheduling woes, 'pleasa pleasa' mothers...If it can't be done from  Monday-Friday, it isn't.  

I've had enough, I feel like I've just been paroled! I'm going to do exactly what Koreans think all of us foreigners do nightly; get drunk and womanize....well I'll leave the womanizing out (hopefully) I don't need a divorce or I will be back to working Saturday's for food money. She told me years ago you can play if you want but if I catch you I will leave you won-less and car-less. She doesn't even drive but of course my car is in her name. I actually think she wants to catch me, how twisted is that ?

Take care, see you all with a hangover tomorrow.

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50 at least. travel or no travel, kids or not, it is a private and the going rate is 50 for an hour. 35/40 an hour is too low.

 it adds up as well. think about this.

i time a week-50/per month 200/per year 2 400 000

1 time a week-40/per month 160/per year 1 920 000

1 time a week-35/per month 140/per year 1 680 000

if you dont want or need 500 bucks more please give it to me! charge at least 50! 4 mothers sitting around can afford to pay 12 500WON each per hour. that is nothing! good luck!

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You guys don't even have legal visa to have another job such as private tutor.

Don't you know how it is hard to earn 50~60,000w per hour?

You never could earn 50~60,000w per hour in Korea if your 1st language wasn't english.

and I'm sure, You guys didn't even have any jobs that can make 50~60,000w per hour in your countries.

You guys have teaching job in Korea because you don't have any particular abilities,..

then, just focus on your job which allows you to hold your visa here.

or, you think you are confident of earning that money in your country?


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I most certainly do have a legal visa (F5..perm. resident) in addition to that our studyroom is registered with the MOE. Really, you shouldn't talk about things you have no idea about.You just seem really angry. Why don't you try bettering your employment position instead of slamming those who make the numbers you quoted?

I just have a simple question for you;

When was the last time you saw your family? It's been four years for me, that's why I deserve to make the money I do.

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no abilities?  make that kind of money in my home country?  legality?  the topic is actually the fee, but since you asked: yes, i made well over 50,000won an hour before i came to korea.  how? i worked as a registered male escort.  being registered, legal, and HIGHLY qualified in forty-seven states afforded me quite a nice lifestyle.  how can one turn their back on such a affluent lifestyle, you ask?  at one point a guy just wakes up and realizes that getting paid for companionship (and all it's varied definitions) and often helping beautiful and powerful women be unfaithful to their husbands is not the best career choice. oh, and no, i did not always make that kind of money, i did many jobs for less cash than that, but the vacations were not coming out of my pocket.  i will not go into the pro bono work i did for my own enjoyment, but still in some sort of professional capacity.  i imagine there are many men and women here with similar stories.  abilities?  come on, i was a PROFESSIONAL, if i was not so confident in my skills as a professional, i might be offended by your comment.  should you have any questions, i am happy to provide references