F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?

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F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?

Hello there,

I'm wondering whether you absolutely need to be married in order to get an F2 visa in Korea, or whether being a common-law partner can do the job. I am a Canadian citizen, have been living with my partner for nearly 5 years, and we are legally recognized as common-law but we are not married.

Considering my situation, is there any way I could get an F2 visa (or a similar visa) in Korea? Or is my only option to actually marry in Korea (or Canada) and then go through the process of applying to the local Gu and Canadian embassy to complete the process?

Additionally, I am also wondering in regard to getting an F2 visa, is it only possible to do so while in Korea? For example, could I apply for such a visa here from Canada, through the Korean consulate? My last question is what is the difference between F-2-1, F-2, and F-5?

I tried searching the net for answers to these questions but the Korea Immigration website does not seem to be extremely useful in regard to visa inquires, unless I just couldn't find the right link on their webpage.

I would love to hear especially from some people who went through the application process rather recently, say within the past 2 years. Many thanks for your help!

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Re: F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?

I guess I can answer a couple of those questions.

I don't believe it's possible to get an F visa if you're just common-law. I'm not 100% sure on this, but i'm 90% sure.

And yes, you can apply for an F-2 visa in Canada. I've done this twice at the consulate in Toronto.

Finally, the difference between the F-2, F-2-1, and F5, is that the F-2 is a spousal visa that lasts every 1 to 2 years. The F-2-1 is a visa based on merit, usually you've lived in Korea for so long and accumulated points towards the visa like language skills and money. Finally, the F-5 is a permanent residency visa.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Re: F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?

Spousal Visa is now a F6.... the thing with the F6 is there is no need to leave after a seperation/divorce until the visa has expired :)

An F2 is now a investment visa .... so if you have a spare $250,000 Doing nothing and want to employ some Koreans - you can get one

F5 - is as before, however, I have been told by an Immigration officer friend/student that F5 are easier to come by .... there are less restrictions on the issuence.... as with all visas it really does come down to whether the Immi guy got laid the night before!!!!!!!!!!


Regarding - the original question.... I doubt it very much. Given the values Koreans give to marriage.

...........Never hurts to try for the visa though - maybe if you can prove you live together it may work..... But bear in mind that living over the brush is usually frowned upon!!!!!!

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Re: F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?
I would doubt it since F 2 is a family visa . Just by living with someone does not make you a family . As mentioned Korea is a family oriented country so my answer is no but you should check to get answer from immigration office . However if you did get married it would show your relationship was stable so the visa process should be easier . Since they will ask you how and when did you meet . The trend is to make it more difficult to get f 2 visa . Now there is not much different from e 2 nd f 2 both need drug test for working and background checks only f 2 does not need aids test while e 2 does . F 2 your spouse is your sponser and e 2 is your boss . As mentioned if you have some special skill , with language , work related , you make be able to get some visa . Or you get a student visa and study at a Univ . But laws change so have to check and apply before law changes again . Good luck on your matters .
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Re: F2 visa - Can common-law partners get an F2?

can any one link me to any visa agencies(agent),thanks,is it difficult to get a chinese visa from korea?