English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

Does anyone know a firefighter or paramedic in the Busan area that speaks English?  I am planning on training to become a FF or paramedic when I return west and would really like to do a ride along or check out a Korean fire department.  Thanks.



Re: English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

I think you got legs   and a mouth . Just  walk into a fire station and ask them .

I have taken a field trip to a fire station and some can speak english . They have been to other countries for training . They are eager to speak english . In Korea  the worst question to ask is do you speak english . Koreans have studied  English for years    most of them just lack confidence and a chance to speak english . Never give a Korean a way not to speak English . My complaint about Koreans is that they do not speak Korean to me . THey  just speak English since they want to practice it . When i was in Taiwan I was always happy when they spoke to me in Chinese  so i could learn Chinese . but in korea   they prefer to speak english to westerners .    

Re: English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

A lot of anons on here lately. Very odd. One thread is anon after anon. Are Koreans coming on here now as foreigners to keep an eye on us? I know immigration planted fake jobs all the time but...

Re: English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

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Re: English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

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Would wecome others' thoughts. 


Re: English speaking Firefighter/ Paramedic?

Some people like me didnt know why my comments were appearing  with my name  not mentioned .  But I figured out it was most likely because I forget to log in . Also at work I do not want to always log in on sites . It seems to me more people are leaving messages that is good . If something was too bad  it would be

deleted before being posted . I would suggest some more interesting topics being brought to the table  like nice travel places near busan but not just the beach and pomomsa . Or a real  debate topic with lots of emotions like the eating of dog meat by koreans    If you ever want to wake up some students talk about that topic , The topic of the koreans not liking koreans dating westerners is really an old issue and shows you that some koreans still live in the cave with their racist thinking