English Premier League on TV

Does anyone out there know what TV channels are showing the English Premier League this season?

I know last year SBS ESPN showed games (with Korean commentary) and Star Sports showed a Saturday night game (with English commentary). I'm not sure about this, but it appears Star Sports, on the Olleh Skylife package, isn't showing them this year.

Any information would be appreciated.


Re: English Premier League on TV

Star sports is out of Hong Kong so they have some programming in English and Chinese . As far as the Korean channels I saw one of them with a commercial saying they will start epl on Aug 17 . It   was sbs espn .    They will show a steady supply of teams with Korean players on them . Kbs sports may show some too . Along with mbc espn . However mbc espn is mostly showing mlb baseball games . Great news is that Choo Choo is with Cincy and  Ryu with LA and both of those teams are very good this year . At moment espn sbs is showing a epl game from 2011 . Nba games are shown on sbs espn .

          Sadly nfl football games and nhl hockey games are no longer shown on Korean tv . However you can sign up for packages on internet and have access on smart phones , tablets , and Desk top computers