English Flag

Anybody know where I can buy a English flag (not Union Jack) off the shelf???

Re: English Flag

I would also like to know this.

Also (thread-hijack alert): Has anyone seen any shops in Busan selling England football jerseys?

I forgot to buy one before I came out .

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I just did a search on online shops, and got a lot of Union Jacks but no St Georges.

Regarding the jersey, I used to know one Umbro shop, but haven't been there since the 2002 world cup so would be surprised if it was still there! I think you're best bet would be a Nike shop since they own Umbro. Adidas also have a range of England stuff as well. It won't be the real deal, but better than nothing I guess. 

Re: English Flag

I have been told there are lots of English shirts & trackie tops etc on the 7th floor of  "Save Zone" Haeundae area.  My friend bought me an English shirt from there!

This area may contain other Football/Soccer shirts etc!!!  I got told lots of Umbro, Addidas & Puma football/soccerstuff there!!