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What diet drinks would you recommend picking up at the supermarket?

Re: supermarket diet drinks - help please

I was just turned on to the wonderful flavors of fruit vinegars. "hong cho"

In the vinegar aisle. Flavors I have tried: prune, blackberry, persimmon, pomegranate

Pour about 20 ml over ice (to your taste) and add cold water..

Very refreshing. Tart and fruity, but only 30 calories. Promotes weight loss.

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Re: supermarket diet drinks - help please

Joe I would use water and add lemon juice(lazy lemon). You can pick up the plastic lemon things anywhere, they are about 2500w. I get the bigger bottle which is usually in the foreign food section of Mega mart or Lotte Mart. It's a 1000ml, which could easily flavor gallons and gallons of water and last you an entire summer. It only has 75calories for the entire bottle which would be probably work out to less than one calorie per serving.