Hi guys,
Does anyone recommend a good dentist in the Yangsan area?
I have developed toothache over the weekend.
Andrew. :(

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Call dentist John s cell at 011-258-6809.

He might be the one who could find you a nice one from the list of Korean Dental association for English speakers.  Use my name Helen [=

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Hi Helen,

I called John but he says that he doesn't know anyone down here who could help. SO it looks like I have a problem! I will have to find a local dentist who probably will not speak English.

No-one here seems to know of any English-speaking dentists, so it looks like I have an adventure waiting for me . . .



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I feel sorry hearing that.  I usually go up to Seoul for any toothache.  Otherwise, there are some excellent hygienists who perform well in spoken English.  I know one in Busan near KBS broadcasting station building.  It is quite a bit away from Yangsan area.  If you still have any pain I think you may need a short Korean expression to pronounce to your local one, so that he or she may examine closely on your aching teeth with a x-ray check-up as a means of an universal language to resolve the problem(-:


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if you're willing to go into busan, there's a good english-speaking dentist in gaya. his clinic is called "michigan dentist" and he's just above the o'briens in gaya.

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This is from an earlier post...I copied it and sent it to myself for future reference..hope it helps..

 If you are looking for an English dentist in your area, then try out this website:  It provides a list of all English medical and dental services in Busan.  If you click on the address provided, it will bring you to a google maps page so that you can see exactly where it is.  It's a really useful site.  

Also, if you want a personal recommendation, my wife and I go to Priden Dental  Clinic in Centum (contact info and location on the website mentioned above). You can call them yourself to make an appointment as their secretary speaks English very well.  They are located on the 2nd floor of the same building as Outback in Centum.

I highly recommend Yon Dental Clinic (연치과) in the Lotte dept. store in Dongnae - 8th floor.