CoTeacher Admits to Forging Documents and Im in Trouble???

This is my first month in Korea and came across a huge legal issue and dont know where to go from here. A long story short. My CoTeacher forged "documents" to get me to Korea, when I pressed the Issue, they canceled my "contract" and said to not come into work. Their exact words were "[school name removed by mods]  does not hire illegal people" Funny thing, I have e-mail scripts from the previous English teacher saying she saw my CoTeacher forge documents to get me to Korea. Even better, my pervious teacher was working for the school illegally.

I have demanded to see what documents have my "signature" on it, I want my documents (diploma) and pay. The school presented me with the "contract" that has my signature on it and it is agreed upon that the signature on the "contract" is not my signature. Not only that, the school has not paid/signed me up for health insurance or pension.

All I want from them is a letter of release, my documents (diploma, etc) and my pay that is owed to me.

Any suggestions on what to do, please email me at
[email protected] or call me 01030403447

Please, I need to know what to do ASAP



A couple of quick questions

A couple of quick questions so that I can help you out better...

1. Did you go through the whole visa issuance process in your home country before coming to Korea and do you have a Korean visa sticker in your passport?

2. Have you done your health check since arriving in the country?

3. Do you have an alien registration card yet (ARC)?

I think those questions are

I think those questions are very important. If all of them are "no" then I think you are seriously screwed. Are you working at a Hagwon or a public school? If you have a visa and are working at a public school, you might have options, but as it goes with Hagwons, you are technically a guest and you have no rights.

As far as I understand, lawyers are not cheap here, and depending on how much you are owed, it might not be worth it. Also, you better figure out who "they" are. The ones who cancelled your contract.

If you are here without a visa, there isn't anything you can do. More info would go a long way in helping you out.

''All I want from them is a

''All I want from them is a letter of release, my documents (diploma, etc) and my pay that is owed to me. ''

Well who doesn't? you have 'demanded'? well that's your first mistake right there because in korea you can't demand anything, why? because you aren't holding any cards.

They don't have to give you a thing. Especially the release letter. You can't force an ex-employer to pay you and even if you did file with the labor board which most likely won't help you with less than 6months service. Even if by some miracle they did and you win in the judgement how are you going to do this in the 15days until you are sent packing? That's how long you have from termination to exiting this country. If you don't you get fined and heavy.

If I were you and you plan to stay in korea I'd regociate the owed money for the letter or a combo of both. If you give them a big American 'I'm going to sue you!'' They will just laugh. Like i said you aren't holding any cards.