Chinese buffet across from Bexco, but searching for good cooking

The originator of the Daeyon Chen Chen restaurant has closed in Busan and moved to SuWon.  Mr. Kwon told me that he had trained 3 other "Chen Chen like" restaurants to take over his franchise. Can anyone help us to find them? I want to find a restaurant that gives freshly-cooked sets for single people or simple item orders that cost very little (5000 won).I hope to find a restaurant that does not require entire families to order from the menu.

Otherwise, you might try Shanghai Brother restaurant across from Bexco on the third floor of the HomePlus building. Lunch and Weekends, 15,900 won, weekdays 11,900 won.

The food is not freshly cooked, but it is "all you can eat" and it tastes ok.

They speak English, call 743-0003

I've never tried it, but

I've never tried it, but there is a place in Nampodong that bills itself as 'American Style Chinese'.

It's on the road that leads off the main shopping street by all of the brand name shops. Walk past KFC and you will get to that 3 way junction that has the ABC Mart on one corner. Bear left, there are a whole bunch of restaurants with patios together, I saw the sign there. Apparently the Italian place is not bad I've been informed. 

Then another place I've never tried, but it is called Chen's is across from the aquarium in Haeundae, in the same building that Rock and Roll bar is in.