Changwon/Masan Activities

Can anyone provide contact details/websites/addresses of any of the following recreational activities in Changwon or Masan?

1. yoga classes

2. dance classes (any style- Latin, ballroom etc.) or dance bars/events

3. English book stores/libraries with English books

4. ice skating rink

5. sports- badminton

1. There is a yoga studio

1. There is a yoga studio downtown almost across from Sukjun Elementary School.  There may be yoga at some of the bigger fitness centers.  I saw a big one near the CGV, but I haven't checked it out yet.

2. I don't know

3. At "City 7" (a mall in Changwon) there is a Bandi and Luni's Bookstore that has an English section. You can probably get them to order a book with a little effort if what you want isn't there.

4. I don't know

5. Definately somewhere, but I don't know where.

Good luck!  Sorry I couldn't help more, but I just moved to Masan as well.

1.  There are yoga centers

1.  There are yoga centers all around both towns.  Just look for 요가 on the sides of the buildings.

2.  Many of the gyms/fitness centers have dance classes that you can join.  There is a Tango dance studio in Shin-masan near the bay.

3.  The universities all have English sections in their libraries.  Also, Jazz bar in Masan is foreign friendly and has a large collection of books that you can borrow at will.  The bandi and lunis at City 7 in Changwon is okay for English books as is Kidari Bookstore which is in the building next to Lotte Department store in Changwon under the Subway sandwich shop.

4.  The ice skating rink is located in Changwon at Daebong-dong at the Soebu Sports Center.  It is in their basement and is open daily from 10am to 6pm I believe.  Skate rental costs 5,500 won.

5.  There is a large badminton court on the side of pallyong mountain in Masan.