"caucasians are preferred"

From a job advertised on Koreabridge by Independent Start Korea Inc:


2. Starting Date: a teacher who can start ASAP
* people who have teaching experience are preferred.
* people who come from either America or Canada are preferred.
* Caucasians are preferred.

Q: How could something like this be posted here?


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Absolutely sickening.


..makes me wish my fathers side (Jamaican) showed on me more than my mothers (polish) just to stick it to them.

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nothing new really. sad, for sure. pathetic, moreso. but are we at all suprised? they ( generally, the masses, nay they the ignorant: i know not all are) have perpetuated this from my first years, in the 90's. i had a coworker who wore shorts to work, and they asked him to cover his tats with A4 paper (he was african american too).

i don't know mister manager, if you'll be able to solve this one. afterall, all the jobs that have been posted on here do show preference for gender in some cases.

but as i'm off the ROK, and i only frequently come on here to see what new mishaps occur in that hermit land. why don't you flip the script a little and make the employers tweek their ads to adhere to the endless sea of expats who air their thoughts on the seeming endless repeat offenders ( by that i  mean the same recruiters offering the same jobs OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN) with the crap conditions and benefits

i like the site, it helped me find an apartment busan when i moved from seoul, it got me my first job in busan (2006) and it helped me sell my stuff and ship to malaysia where i now enjoy a VERY stress free life. but come on, the jobs on here need to adhere to some criteria if you do in fact allow some hiring preferences. change is slow, but it only takes a few to start the ball rolling. 

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My thoughts are the same as in the other thread...

Yes it is ignorant, but that is the way it is here, and no I am not living with it, but I also realize I cannot change everyone, I simply choose to avoid the workplaces that promote prejudice, and for that reason it does not bother me when a add like these go up.


Like I already said, it is much better to see who you are dealing with and not get stuck for a year with them, their are plenty more, educated, non-prejudice places to seek employment.


Lastly, their are plenty of places in the U.S. where openly showing tat's is a no-go, it is considered professionalism to cover up when at work if the employer asks you to. A-4 is a joke, he should have worn pants.

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As if back in Canada, the US or Europe they didn't hire based on racial or gender preferences... You could say that here at least they are honest enough to say it openly instead of wasting your time in making you apply only to then throw your application in the paper bin. What can you do? They are the ones hiring, if they prefer a caucasian well that's how it is. It sucks but this is called the real world. Everywhere is the same, let's not fool ourselves...

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That's the case with 90% of positions whether they actually mention it in ads or not.  I'm ethnically Korean and have been on the discriminated end of certain positions earlier in my expat life.  So it really isn't a hostile, racist attitude but rather the marketability aspect to parents of students...

Still a sad issue but no new thing.  The western world only came around to being politically correct recently.  It was just a few decades ago when Bruce Lee was passed up for David Carradine to star in Kung Fu because Bruce looked 'too Chinese'.   It's just a progression.  Korea is still a rather primitive country as far as social perspective and the whole politically correct mannerisms and behavior.  It's just one of the many downsides of the nation growing up too damn fast, really.  Look at the driving!

That's my take anyway.  But all in all...agree it's garbage.

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Many ads in the past stipulated that they wanted to hire "North Americans". So amongst the caucasians there is further discrimination. As a non-North American I have been discriminated against a number of times in Korea.

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That is because of the accent.  On the other hand, some schools specify that they want someone from the U.K. as well.

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I've talked to countless foreign guys who tell me they "prefer Asian/Korean women".  Is anyone going to get all bent out of shape over that?  How is this any different from the guy who insists on identifying his partner as "my KOREAN girlfriend"?

This is Korea, folks.  They're outsourcing for Western (Caucasian) English speakers.  That's what most of us are here for.

To quote Samuel L. Jackson from A Time To Kill:

"Well, you are white and I'm black. See Jake, you think just like them, that's why I picked you; you are one of them , don't you see?. Oh, you think you ain't because you eat in Claude's and you are out there trying to get me off on TV talking about black and white, but the fact is you are just like all the rest of them. When you look at me, you don't see a man, you see a black man."

That's how the world works, folks.  Sad, but true.  I'd love to see the day when suddenly we're all color blind to race...but that's just a pipe dream.


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Champ, you contribute a lot here with food & movie info. Much appreciated. But you definitely have a bug up ur arse about foreign men with Korean women. As a longtime reader I've seen you turn many a thread into a whitey chasing yellow tail rant. Interesting. Pretty, pretty, pretty......interesting.

It is disturbing but not shocking in the least to see an ad like that, as it's been the norm for years, spoken or not. Better to have it out front as others have posted, so nobody wastes their time responding and the place hopefully gains a bad rep for being so small-minded.

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Shiner, I can appreciate that you've taken note on my commentary regarding foreign male/Korean female coupling...but there are layers to it and many discussions that have taken place over more than a year. If you want to pick my brain on it sometime, I'd be more than happy to elaborate. There's no "bug up my arse"...I'm just calling it like I see it. The reason why I bring it up in this instance is because the topic at hand is talking about identifying a preference for people according to race, skin color, etc. I've managed to draw a connection, and I question whether or not it's hypocritical of people to harp on job ads that call for Caucasians to apply. Also, your compliments regarding my contributions to the forum are much appreciated. If you'd like to have a conversation sometime (about anything), I'd be happy to hear what's on your mind.

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Well  most ads have discrimination points in them . They are concerned with age , and gender .  As for as race why do you think they ask for a photo ? Well maybe a good looking teacher is better then a average or below average looking person  lol Teachers should be judged and hired based on skill and methods   not age gender and race     A good looking female teacher will have a far easier time landing a  good job then others .Is that fair ? Even in what ever country you are from people are hired based on age  race  gender too . The person who placed the ad   just lacks common sence / A boss can hire whoever they want . And when the ship goes done its their money .          

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Discrimination occurs in every country. In the west, you don't want to get sued or boycotted so if you're hiring, you lie. You can't say we're not hiring you becuase you're too fat, too short, too ugly, too white, too black, too old, too quiet, etc.. The list goes on and on. The end result is that you don't hire them unless you want to.

In Korea, it seems some recruters or schools lack the political correctness and will actually spell it out to you. I don't mind at all as it saves the job searcher time. Why waste my time applying to schools that aren't going to hire me anyway?

It's like if someone with a green mohawk, tatoos all over the face and full of piercings walked down the street. In the west, you would be thinking the person was a freak or nuts but would look at them very discreetly. In Korea, people would probably point fingers at them.


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Racial prejudice is the most insidious, divisive and ignorant disease that exists. It is responsible for world wars and personal conflicts, resulting in the murder and decimation of many innocent people. There is simply no justification for it. These comments about hair color and tatoos, etc, do not compare to racial discrimination. Many Korean people live in America,  a country which has allowed their children to attend schools and them to invest and prosper in business. If they were treated unfairly because of their nationality or race, and not allowed to work or do business here in America, for example, how would they react?

The world is simply a better place without the ignorance of racism pervading it. "Get over it" is not an adequate reaction to this blind, ignorant, and rather stupid mental disease. The same is true for sexism and other forms of discrimination. Rather than trying to justify or accept racsim or sexism in this forum, all of us should do everything within our power to stamp it out in Korea, America and other countries.

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Here's another starry eyed idealist who just doesn't get how the world works. "Things SHOULD be like this." Oh, really? How about there SHOULD be peace on earth, or there SHOULDN'T be poverty anymore. I can be just as altruistic and optimistic sounding as you my friend, and we can all pray together year-long, but there's one thing I can guarantee you, things are not going to change.

And of course, you, hrobbie,  seem like a truly altruist person willing to change the world, and I'm sure you are better than most of us through your courage and determination in fighting for the minorities' rights.

Through your exceptionally relevant example of how Koreans and other minorities do NOT get discriminated in the U.S. and how their childrend can actually attend school (a thing, of course, explicitly prohibited for alien residents in most countries these days), you show just how fair the U.S. actually is in treating people of different races and gender. Sigh. Korea. Unfair country. Should be learning from the dear US of A.

I mean, you're right. Perhaps every foreign worker in South Korea should refuse to work for a company which has particular demands concerning age, race and gender. In which case everybody would be out of work, of course. Or perhaps there should be strict guidelines against such comments on behalf of employers. Which of course, would only mean those unwanted people applying would be wasting their time since their application would be thrown away the minute they are received.


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Solidchamp, what's your problem with inter-racial couples?

Before you quip back that your problem isn't with inter-racial couples, but with foreigners and Korean women, it's the same thing. You are seeing a mixed racial couple and making generalizations and prejudice from it. 

Question, are you Korean or foreign? I am seeing someone, she is Korean, I don't refer to her as MY KOREAN girlfriend. And just because you have heard a small group of foreigners use this statement, don't apply this to the entire population of Male foreigners in Korea. Generalizations  are what this thread is about, and how dangerous they are. 

Some men are more attracted to Asian women. Sure, is true. Again, what is the problem? Some men are attracted to men, some women are attracted to women. Who are you to question someone's physical attraction? There is nothing sinister here. We are free to make our own choices in life.

I know that during my time in Korea (almost 2 years now) I have gotten many disapproving looks from the older generation of Koreans while I am with a Korean girl (don't get bent out of shape here, her "Korean-ness" needs to be stated in this situation). But, I understand that the older generation has the mind set of a different generation and I have learned to ignore it.

These job postings stating they prefer caucasians - WRONG. Yes. You attacking bi-racial couples seems just as bad. The goal here is to be BLIND to color. These job posts are not blind, and neither are you.