Buying cigars in Korea.

 I am living in daegu and I am wondering if anyone knows a place that sells cigars here in daegu or a company to order from who deliver to S.Korea. I know there are a couple places in Seoul to buy cigars but I am not to keen on travelling all the way to Seoul, so I am really hoping to find a good company to order from or a place here in daegu.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated~



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i've never lived in dae gu, but i know that in busan an seoul, the best places for cigars was hotels. novotel, westin, intercontinental, etc. these 5 star hotels will have a pub/lounge most likely that has a humidor. standard supply of cohibas, davidoffs, R&Y, monte cristos usually. prices will be seem slightly inflated a bit if you are  not familiar with the exchange rates. but generally i believe because of international laws  cigars are not ridiculously marked up.

Itaewon, in seoul used to have a place in the hamilton hotel but thats long since gone, and there once upon a time was an embassy on namsan that had a shop attached that sold stogies and supplies, can't remember which embassy it was. if daegu lux hotels are a wash, haeundae beach hotels will mos def have a stock, i used to shop o'kims bar in the westin, or charlies in the paradise hotel.

good luck.

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i must add, as i forgot. itaewon still has plenty of places on the main road to scour for stogies. and as for delivery. if you are thinking international. i didn't work for me. i tried. but korean rules didn't allow them


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Not sure what quality you are looking for but some branches of Family Mart (well the one in Kyung Sung Dae in Busan does!) stock Dominican and Philippino cigars. Most in a steel tube for about 10 bucks. They aren't Cuban, but at the same time they ain't that bad. They also stock those flavoured little thin cigarettes and King Edwards.

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There is a new Cigar bar called "Burn". It's on second floor across the street from the church behind the actual Kyeongridan (11 Hoenamu-ro). It's above the money exchange next to the old Maloneys. Pretty good place with a good selection of Scotch and cigars with reasonable prices. They have Smokers all the time (Cigar and Pipe)! 

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This will end your question.!!

check this web site, Http:// they have a store in Bundang which very close to Seoul..and the owner speaks english very well..he also has a cigarshop in Washington. so he guided me well on picking on cuban cigars,and also he made me very can just call the shop(010-9776-5546) and ask him about cigars in english. I don't need to go fancy hotels no more!!oh..if you make an order on phone...only takes like a day or two. korean delivery system are awesome :P


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Just talked to Cigarstory there pricing on Cohiba's is more than I spent in Busan at the hotels.  I'm still going to check it out though since they have a larger selection.

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Cuban cigars are supposed to be priced the same wherever you are, throughout the whole world. Because of how Cuba is run, this is what they demand. If you are paying more in some places I would question if one, they are getting them legally and two, if they are even real.

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If U want to get some cuban cigars, contact me. I was Cuba for a 3weeks on June and bought lot of Cuban cigars (but only Esplendidos, R&J, Edmundo etc) I can send it to you. Just send me E-mail ([email protected]) I ll tell u the list of cigars. All of my cigars are in my humidor NOW!

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This will be newest reply about where to buy cigars and smoke cigars.

I live in CA and South korea.  visit their website and call them(they speak english better than me).

They have 2 cigarshops and 2 cigar lounge in Seoul(Kangnam area) and Gyeonggi-do).

They carries all kinds of cuban cigars and non cuban cigars(davidoff, padron, rocky patel, Gurkha, Ashton, Opusx and etcs.)

And their lounge called "Resolver" located in seoul are very comfortable cigar lounge.

Perfect Men's cave!!. they have good selections of cigars with perfect walk in humidor, and also good selections of whiskies and wines. Sell by glass or bottle.

Not just Men's Cave. Good service. Korea has high tax on cigars,  but they have lowest price they can do.

Enjoy cigars in korea.!!