Busan Neighborhood Livability Survey

Hi waygooks. I am conducting research on neighborhood livability for linguistic minority groups for my graduate degree in geographic information science. Please take one minute out of your day to answer six multiple choice questions about your experience living in Busan! I taught English in South Korea for five years and would like to give back to the expat community by publishing the results as part of an interactive web map.




I did the survey, but I had a problem answering some of the questions since using 'Gu's' as your neighbourhoods is a little to wide.

For example, I live in Nam-Gu, but my apartment is in a very quiet and very Korean area, hence little English and no night life. However Nam-Gu, also contains Kyungsung Dae and Dayeon which is home to some of the best nighlife and English speakers in town. So I wasn't sure if it was best to answer in terms of where exactly I live or where I hang out. I went with the latter, since many foreigners choose to live near where it's happening rather than in the backwoods where I chose to live!

Thanks for the feedback. My original intent was to study neighborhoods by Dong, but I've shifted my focus to the Gu administrative level due to the limited availablity of dong level census data. It would be interesting to map survey results by dong though, so I have added a new question. 

Not really sure what you mean by services and amenities in English.  Do they exist anywhere in Korea? I mean the ATMs have an English option, Outback and McDonalds have English menus and Kyungdae and Pusandae have a couple of bars owned by foreigners but even then you would have to rate the English services and ameneties as poor and this fact doesn't really have any relation to how livable the area is for a newly arrving foreigner. 

Services and amenities would include things like restaurants, markets, movie theaters, medical/dental/vision services, Korean lessons, hopkido classes, TESOL certification course, bike rentals, one of the twenty-five tourist attractions in Busan offering free wi-fi and other desirable facilities offering some level of English support to foreign residents. The survey results well tell me whether or not people find areas with these sorts of services and amenities more "livable"-- my person opinion is that they do.