Bus 307 Haeundae to Gimhae Airport

Hey I'm going to the airport next weekend. I heard that the 307 goes there from Haeundae. 

Can anyone tell me where I can catch the 307 from Haeundae? 

How frequent are they and how long does it take?

Thank you. 

Re: Bus 307 Haeundae to Gimhae Airport

Thanks for your help. I had a few problems with the site as it requires Internet Explorer and then use backwards compatibility. 

It looks like Google maps offers this service now and it's more user friendly with satellite maps. 

Again thanks for your help. 

And the 307 is outside SFunz, Haeundae and takes about an hour. 

Re: Bus 307 Haeundae to Gimhae Airport

You can take the airport limo from the major hotels in haundae or outside of exit 5 in Jangsan station.  They run every 20 minutes. They take around 40 mins and are cheap. I think 4-6k