Beware of Recruiters offering 'University' positions

Just a word of notice to people out there this hiring season. Some recuiters will try to disguise a hogwan or a university hogwan or even go so far and as low as a hogwan near a university as a 'university' job.

In my travels the majority of universities and colleges in Korea do their own hiring (doesn't that make more sense to you?)

Be very careful of the response: 'you will be teaching university students'. In Korea that can mean just about anything. One must make sure that it's actually the university you will be working for and not the university hogwan(if applicable) or teaching in a hogwan near a university with mostly university students.

Please people do your homework and ask the tough questions. I don't want people to think they got their foot in the door of a place only to find out it's a glorified hogwan and believe me teaching university students 'conversation' is alot more prep than kid's bingo.

Take care and beware.


Re: Beware of Recruiters offering 'University' positions

Once again, people be aware of some of the current ads up on koreabridge offering 'university positions'.

These sound more like the university hogwan(6hours a day) or a contract under a company to teach university students(only a few weeks?).  Make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. If it doesn't state at least one  month vacation during one or each of the semester's vacations in the contract it isn't a regular university position.  

A regular university position would also be anything from 9-12 perhaps at the very most 14 regular hours/week. Most contracts will have some kind of overtime clause if any. 

Happy job hunting.