Best American food in Busan

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Best American food in Busan

Johnsons Diner.  

Huge burgers, great fries, steak, and pasta.  KyungSung, SeoMyun, and NampoDong.  This place really satisfies when you are looking for real meat and some little galbi scraps aint gonna cut it.  

No, I don't work for them, but I have seen too many great restaurants go under in Busan (RIP Taco, Taco), and I want to see this place get good business. 

Their marketing is as bad as there food is good.  That's why I am giving them a little help.

I can't find a map for the NampoDong restaurant, but it is on the second floor on the street with Guess and Calvin Klein.  The KyungSung one is on the road that is the north border of Pukyung Campus.