Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

There is a new burger restaurant in town and early feedback suggests that it's going to give the competition a run for it's money and then some.
It's called Aussie Burger and is located in Kyung Sung a few doors down from OL '55 going towards the back fence of Pukyong university (see below map), a good location, but at the same time you might not know where it is unless you happened to be walking past it.

The owner lived in Australia for several years which seems to have served him well. Unlike a lot of other burgers in town they are big and wide rather than narrow and high (which I can never fit in my mouth!). He also only has one basic burger on his menu - cost 5,800 won which has the burger, cheese and red onion with sauce on the side. To that you can add whatever you want. Bacon at a buck, lettuce and tomato at 20 cents and 50 cents respectively, an extra patty for 2 bucks and a host of other things including egg, pineapple and cheese. Or you can go for 'The Lot' at a very reasonable 8,700 won.

Other items on the menu other than burgers include.
Meat Pies!! Yep, good 'ol Aussie meat pies. Perhaps a little too much butter in the pastry, but regardless it's great to have a pie again. 5 bucks

Potato wedges (seasoned really well with a touch of heat added from I think cumin), served with chilli sauce, thai sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. For just a buck and a half.

Clam Chowder - 2 bucks
As well as cheesy fries, homemade cheese sticks, cheese on toast and salad.

He also has Cafri on tap, plus free soda refills.

Out of a table of six the overwhelming consensus was that not only was it one of the best burgers they've had in Korea, a few went as far to say that it was the best burger they've had in Busan. And that's from a guy that has tried all of the burger options here in Busan and is one of the harshest critics I know!

The decor and design of the place is also very good. Modern, but comfortable. They also have outdoor seating, which I think will be very popular come the summer. The staff were friendly, with decent English and the owner himself was very nice and helpful.
I've also been told that they will take out orders if you wanted to eat at home or outside Family Mart!
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Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

I agree the wide style burger is better, but that's about all I agree on. I got a basic burger and it had mayonnaise (something that would never happen in Australia) on it and to me it was pretty bland overall. The wedges were all pepper and not very good. The meat pie was tiny,  a couple of bites and it's gone, and somewhat inedible due to some creamy substance in it. It's not what I would call a meat pie and at 5,000 won is very overpriced. Clam chowder has no connection with Australia so I'm confused as to why it's on the menu. There is Hoegaarden on tap as well and a selection of mostly crap Australian beers.

The fact that he has lived in Australia means nothing to me: Australia is not exactly a mecca for burgers. I've lived in Australia too. That doesn't mean I know how to make a meat pie and from what I tasted neither does the owner. I'm prepared to go back and give the burger another go and ask them to put ketchup on the burger instead of mayonnaise. I'm all for supporting the independent guy trying to compete with the big chains and wish him luck, but the burger I had at burger hunter a few days later was better.

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

I bought their "the lot" burger for my girlfriend and she liked it, though it did look super mayonnaisey to me (I LOATHE mayo).  My kiwi buddy had the meat pies.  He said they were decent but really small (he ate two, at five bucks a pop - sounds a bit dear).

As for the beer...  I'm not sure if their Aussie selection is as bad as Trevor makes it out to be, but I wouldn't sweat it.  He hates everything.

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

Went there last week.  Great Burger patty and toppings, although  the bun didn't hold up well..The New England style  clam chowder is  nice as well. The owner and staff are very friendly aim to please..

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

I have yet to try this place out, however, I find their listing to be kind of a joke. What kind of restaurant says "Serving Burgers, Meat Pies, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Etc." and "Open 7days/week, 11am - late night "... I'd be there in a flash if they posted a menu with prices and information.

I'll give it a try next week, but thanks for the heads up on the mayo thing. I am ok with mayo, just not gobs of it.

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

my apologies to 'gilbert a.h.' ... i made the business listing for Aussie Burger awhile back - Brian is an old coworker and friend of mine.

when i finally visited his place 10 days after opening, i was so impressed with what he'd done that i wanted to make sure people knew about the restaurant.  i want to do more with the advertising, but the business listing on Kbridge was done hastily during gaps in my busy work sched... i'm working on a facebook group with all the info/maps/more photo's/etc.

so, if you think it's a 'joke' then you should laugh at me, not Brian!

with that said, i'm really happy to see that you and others are looking at the ad, and you're right - i should put up the full menu here along with more details.  i have vacation time this week, (yay!) so i will definitely make it priority to do that soon.

Brian talked about doing the restaurant for a long time and i'm so happy to hear all the positive feedback from people around town.  i know he welcomes any comments or suggestions... both good and bad, so thanks to all of you guys for the input, and keep it coming!!!  

merry christmas ~ andi 


Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

I've noticed a trend among small Korean run burger shops. The owners apparently choose the menu based on the principle that foreigners like bland, not spicy, so I'll open a bland restarurant! The burgers at Aussie Burger unforunately not much of an exception. They're generously proportioned, but not particularly striking in flavour. That is,  besides the overpowering inclusion of a pineapple slice, which also makes the buns a little soggy.  And interestingly, despite the name, the burgers are  missing the stereotypical Australian burger ingredient - beetroot! 

As for the wedges,  its great to see the Aussie pub standard chili sauce and sour cream combo being provided. However, the wedges themselves seem to be steamed, spiced and baked just a little. Admittedly, they're not bland like the burger, but my first impression of them was they're not cooked enough.  Aussie wedges are typically fried more at least until they've got some crispiness going on.

The pies are probably the best item on the menu. But, as most people have said, they're small and over priced.  Its not explained on the menu, but there's a standard meat pie and a potato and cream sauce pie. Both are a unique eat in Kyunsusng, and I'm a fan of the cream one, despite the pastry being made with a bit too much butter. I'd be eating them everyday if they doubled in size and halved in price. But as it stands, these pies are just an expensive but, tasty, snack.

Criticisms aside, I think this place is worth checking out just because something a little different is being served.

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

What makes people assume that every burger place here is opened to suit foreigners' tastes?  It doesn't seem like we make up a big enough percentage of the consumers to make that a sound business plan.   If every pasta restarant in kyungsung were for italians only, then there wouldn't be sugary syrup drizzled on the alfredo!

Myself, I expected the burgers to be stacked up super-high like all the other korean-burger places, but the burger here is totally eatable and doesn't come with all of the wierd extra stuff or sweet pickles on it.  (they're served on the side, with jalapeno's)

i'd rather not have the burger cut in half, though.


Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

This place is aimed at Korean people, as it should, and is why I'm not that impressed. It's not bad as far as burger places go in Busan, but an earlier post had claims of the best burger they'd ever tasted which seems a little over the top.

I find the burger to be a little too bland and to quote Bruce Willis in The Whole Nine Yards, "I'm gonna keep the coke and the fries but I'm gonna send this burger back. And if you put any mayonnaise on it, I'm gonna come over to your house, I'll chop your legs off, set fire to your house, and watch as you drag your bloody stumps out the door"

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

@Trevor. Where does it say "The best burger they'd ever tasted".

In my post I did say "one of the best burgers they've had in Korea, a few went as far to say that it was the best burger they've had in Busan". Which is quite different to "The best burger they'd ever tasted".

If you are going to quote people to support your argument, quote them correctly.

On the subject of the pies. I did notice the last time I went he had made them a little bigger, although not that big. One alone isn't going to fill you up. But, with a few sides it suffices well. I don't think I mentioned in my original post if I had one constructive comment to offer it would be to cut down on the amount of butter used in the pastry.

Re: Aussie Burger - New Burger Restaurant, Kyung Sung

Yeah, why would a place named "Aussie Burger" have any relation at all to Australian food? The owner lived in Australia, speaks with an Australian accent,  learned to cook in Australia, sells Australian beer along with the Australian national dish (The Meat Pie)... why would we expect anything but Korean food?

Seriously though, this is an English website: of course we're going to judge food by the culinary standards of Anglophone countries.