Anyone know where to get Wii or PS3 Modded?

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Anyone know where to get Wii or PS3 Modded?

Looking to get my Wii and PS3 hard modded, anyone got any tip on where to go? What to ask for?

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Re: Anyone know where to get Wii or PS3 Modded?

Wii's are easy enough to mod, and there are 4 game shops in the Seomyeon underground, and I know that at least one of them does Wii modding.  Koreans usually know what you want when you say the word "chip".

The PS3, however, is not a system to be modded, in my opinion.  Personally, I don't know anyone who has had their PS3 modded (whereas, I know of countless people who have modded their Wii's and Xbox 360's), and I know for a fact that you run the risk of damaging the console.  I'm sure that it's possible to do it, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any shops in Busan that offer that service, and I wouldn't recommend it anyway.  It's not as simple as installing some chip, and has more to do with hacking the software and installing "homebrew" and other such things. 

I've never seen anyone on the Koreabridge selling a modded PS3 (unlike the plethora of modded Wii's and Xbox's that are posted for sale), so I'm pretty sure people aren't getting it done here.