Anyone know where to buy tea tree oil FOR USE as a cleaning product?

I am trying out the idea of going with natural chemicals when cleaning the home and I am unfamiliar with tea tree oil or where to get it in Busan.  I hear it is very good as a disinfectant.  any suggestions would be great

Re: Anyone know where to buy tea tree oil FOR USE as a ...

you can find it at the body shop, emart, and just about anywhere that sells essential oils.  as far as FOR USE in cleaning, it all depends on how you dilute it and what you mix it with.  you can do an internet search for simple homemade recipes on cleaning supplies.  tea tree is a fantastic disinfectant.  i fail to remember the exact numbers, but it is something like 100 times stronger than acohol or chlorine and what not when it cames to bacteria and germs and all that jazz.  if you are thinking about using it for cleaning, just do a little reading on the internet, beyond wikipedia, though.  by the way, it only comes in small bottles here as far as i know, but you do not need much.  hope this helps