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I'm not a member myself, but I think ATEK recently got lawyers on retainer. I also heard this service is available for non-members. They deal with hagwon problems all of the time. You might try contracting them via their website to see if they can help you out.

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My advice (I'm not a

My advice (I'm not a lawyer!): Try to record their threats.  Pull out your cell phone and turn on the video.  It should help your case with the labor board, and it might give you grounds to sue them for slander.

I wouldn't worry too much about them stopping you from getting on a plane or messing with your wife's job.  Sounds like they have no legal standing to do anything, so they're making inflated threats to try to scare you.

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They aren't suing you. This

They aren't suing you. This tactic is older than the hills. It would cost them 2million or more for basic legal fees and to gain what? Nothing. They are simply making threats and writing checks that their ass can't cash.

Pay no mind to this type of 'sue' nonsense. This isn't America. They just don't want to pay you for the last month. 

If you really want to screw with them go down to the local tax office and inquire about the taxes you have been paying. I have a feeling they have just been keeping the money they take from you and you aren't registered at all with the office. Also, I would do the same with pension...I can't pretty much assure you they haven't done eitther. One last thing, if you haven't received a medical insurance coverage little folder, you can add that to the list above. 

If you do these thing you will cause them so much trouble in fees and fines they will leave you alone or wish they would have just paid you. Good luck.    

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what did labour office do?

If you're owed pay, didn't the labour office intervene and contact the employer, then hold a meeting to resolve the situation? I would have let that play out, and held back about intentions to sue until I was ready with a lawyer to hit them with a letter demanding outstanding compensation be paid in full. Make use of the free supports for foreigners and citizens.

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Sanctions are given if you

Sanctions are given if you just quit without finishing your contract. As we know, the stipulations in the contract is binding among parties. Thus if the contract is 1yr, then you must finish it- plain and simple.

However, due to some unavoidable circumstances like that of your situation now, you cant finish the contract. As aformementioned, the CONTRACT is binding and mutually agreed upon both sides. In this assumption and in your case, the hagwon AGREED in your quitting BUT the point that I Cant comprehend is WHy are they messing you with your salary? IF they wanna deduct some amount from your salary, then give them the freedom to do it! and THREATENING? And is also messing with your wife and matters related to it?? Damn! That sucks! Thats way over board!

 That would make the situaiton more complicated. Civil actions would arise if that would happen.. 3rd parties such as your wife isnt related to you and your hagown problem, so they dont have any legal standing to touch her or her workplace.

That hagwon is a crap!

If you really feel the necessity of leaving ASAP, you can make ammicable settlements wiht the hagwon else you will have the other choise of staying longer and battle with them. The choice is yours.

I, too, am married and teaching but thank goodness I havent bumped into such hagwon. Goodluck to you.

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[quote]Sanctions are given if

Sanctions are given if you just quit without finishing your contract. As we know, the stipulations in the contract is binding among parties. Thus if the contract is 1yr, then you must finish it- plain and simple.

What a silly thing to say. We are not living in some strange modern version of 12th century feudal society. Under Korean labor law any Korean work contract can be canceled freely by either party after giving a minimum of 30 days notice.

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Labor law succeeds anything

Labor law succeeds anything written in a contract, no matter how concrete both parties think it is. This is EFL law 101. All that needs to be given legally(like dog said)is one month.


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Face the consequences

Stop playing around.You'll be in more and more doo doo, if you persevere with this.You say somebody is seriously ill ,yet you are hanging around.Why are you haggling? If it is just to get some extra money, don't bother.That doesn't add up, and I have to question your motivations.Why aren't you with that person already? Surely that is more important than a few lousy bucks.Actually, you are the person in the wrong, so take what you can get , and get yee gone.Talk about legal this, and suing that , is complete codswallop.I can assure you, they wont do anything.However, they will definiteley trim your final salary.Have no doubt on that issue and suck it up.A loss of about 600,000won can be common in your case. I think is the price, of your replacements one way ticket, I think it's acceptable.If you mess around, you are gonna lose more.Go in peace my friend.

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Busan ATEK

Please contact Jaehee Oh the employment and legal issues officer of Busan ATEK

[email protected]


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It is impossible to give real

It is impossible to give real valuable opinions when givenonly one side of the story. Why was your co-teacher trying to get you to quit? If you have followed the contract then you have done nothing wrong but if they are angry with you because you have given them cause to be, then I doubt you will have much luck doing anything.

If your mother is dying Why are you wasting time fighting for money?