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Once upon a time, there was a wistful young woman who, like any other girls, wanted to be rescued from the “castle of loneliness” by a daring handsome prince, so she waited like forever in her own Cinderella world, the four corners of the bedroom being her own cozy fireplace where she’d spend the wee hours of the night dreaming of the day her prince would come. Finally, he came… a prince from another kingdom, or should I say from another country not faraway, whose culture and upbringing are entirely different from hers. From being the dreamy lady that she was, she has become the queen of the household and a novice in a foreign land. This is the tale of an ordinary Filipina named Chris and an ordinary Korean called Khan who met a couple of years ago, became friends, fell in love, parted ways, were brought back together by fate, got married thrice, and are now living the day to day adventures of being a Filipina wife to a Korean husband and being a Korean husband to a Filipina wife.