Where to buy XBOX 360 games??

 There are a few new games that I want to buy, but I've been to Homeplus, Lotte Dept Store, a little store in the subway, but no one seems to have new games. I'm especially looking for Modern Warfare 2. Gmarket didn't have it on their site either. Any ideas?


Lots of options...

If you're in Busan, there are a handful of game shops in the Seomyeon underground shopping area.  These shops are great because they take your used games in for cash or credit, and they give WAY more than any EB or GameStop store back home would.  Keep in mind that the games they sell are sometimes region coded for Korean XBox consoles, or if they're region free they can sometimes be in Korean only.  I think Modern Warfare 2 is region free, so if you purchased your console in North America you should have no trouble playing a Korean copy on your system.

Directions are a bit tricky, but I'll do my best.  If you're at the main Seomyeon subway junction (after you come up the stairs from platform X), there are three ways you can go.  You can walk up the main hallway towards the Lotte Department store, where the subway entrance is (there's a Krispy Kreme there), but there are two other hallways that stretch out that sport tons of clothing shops.  So stand with your back to the hallway that leads to Lotte, and go left.  You'll know you're going the right way when you pass through two open sets of double doors, and there will be a small Dunkin Donuts on your right.  Keep going and you'll pass the first game shop on your right.  This one is small and usually doesn't have much to offer.  The one I recommend is the farthest shop, but it's also the largest with a massive selection of games.  Anyway, after you pass the first shop you just keep walking, eventually you'll see another game shop on your left, and then as you keep walking there will be two more on your right.  You'll be able to spot these shops easily because they usually sport posters in their windows.

My favorite shop is the farthest one on the right.  You'll have to walk a good 5 minutes before you get to it.  You'll pass by a water fountain "meeting area", sure to be filled with senior citizens, and then you'll come up on a junction that offers two exits that take you up to street level.  It's just beyond that, and you can't miss it because it's the largest shop with two big open entrances and it's well-lit.  It's called "One Stop", and the woman who runs it is awesome to deal with, despite speaking zero English.

Another great alternative, if you have a North American console, is a fantastic website called play-asia.com. They offer games that are region coded for North America, Japan, and the rest of Asia (China/Korea).  So if you don't want to chance buying a game that could be all in Korean, you could order a North American copy from the site.  The standard shipping to Korea is free, but it takes about a week to arrive.  The other downside to using this site is the games are a bit pricey, especially when compared to the independently owned game shops in Seomyeon (their prices are extremely reasonable, especially when you're trading in games).  Also, the game shops in Seomyeon are usually anywhere from 3,000-8,000won cheaper than if you were to buy games from the department stores or E-marts.

So I hope you're able to find the game shop in Seomyeon with no problems.  I should also tell you that their selection tends to change around quite often, and because MW2 has been out for a while they might not have any copies.  You might get lucky and stumble on a used copy, though.  Like I said, play-asia.com is your best alternative.

By the way...

I forgot to mention that Play-asia.com has a guideline for region coding and languages.  So if you plan to buy a game at one of the game shops, but you're not sure if it's region free...look the game up on the website and it will tell you if it is compatible or not.  It's very reliable, and if the site says that the game works for all regions, then you're good to go.

 Wow thanks dude, quite the

 Wow thanks dude, quite the reply! I actually checked out that first small shop on the right you are talking about. And you were right, their selection was terrible, only older games. But next time I will walk further and check out the other ones. I checked out play-asia and price is decent ($45 for MW2), but if I could get it in person it would be easier. BTW, the games I brought with me are without the game case, I just put them in a dvd/cd zip-up pouch. Will they still buy just the game with no case?


They won't.  They're actually extremely picky about game cases and manuals.  I even got a discount on a used game because the case was cracked.  So that's a bit of a bummer.

So your system is from North America?  Mine is too, and I got my copy of MW2 from play-asia.com, so it's all in English.  I'm curious, what games do you have?  I might be willing to consider a trade, because I haven't been playing MW2 at all and I find the game play to be extremely stale for me at this point.  It's just more of the same, and I'm just kind of burned out on the whole "kill'em all!" FPS genre.

And yeah, next time just keep walking.  That game shop is easily the worst of the bunch.  When you get to One Stop, you'll almost think you were at an EB games back home...almost.  It's definitely worth the trip.

 Wow what incredible luck!

 Wow what incredible luck! Shortly after posting this forum topic, my xbox started giving me the 3 rings of death. Sooo....i guess i won't be buying any games. Do those places repair consoles too? haha


The XBox 360 is the biggest P.O.S. ever created.  That sucks man.  Fortunately there is a game shop in Seomyeon that fixes them.  It's the second game shop on the right, you'll know it's the right place because it's made up of brown wood shelves.  So the whole place has that brown wood look to it.  The guys can understand a little English, so just bring the console itself in there (minus the hard drive) and tell them the problem.  You might need to bring the power supply with a converter, but I'm not sure.  Good luck.

 Thanks for the heads up. I

 Thanks for the heads up. I stopped by there over the weekend and the guy says he can fix it for 60,000, with 1 month warranty. So....I will bring my box in and give it a try i guess. Hopefully it works!

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One Stop is a great store.  I got a little confused getting there as I'd never been to the station before.  For anyone having difficulty, the hallway that SolidChamp mentioned is an extension of the Northeast end of the Line 1 Hallway.  Also, you should note that One Stop's sign is all in hangeul.

They gave me 24,000W on each of the three semi-old PS3 games I traded, and they had all the new games in stock that I was looking for.  Thanks a lot, SolidChamp.

Re: Where to buy XBOX 360 games??

Don't waste your money on a repair. They never last. I bought a repaired one off a guy here and it was dead in three months. This is almost unanimous if you search across various xbox forums. Further, second repairs are not warrantied at all...and if it doesn't work you STILL have to pay. LOL. Mine hit the trash and I'll know better not to buy a used xbox ever again.

Hold out for a new slim.

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Or better yet, don't even bother with the Xbox altogether.  After FOUR, count 'em, FOUR dead systems...it's PS3 for me and I'm never going back.

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SolidChamp, do any of the stores you mentioned sell any old video game systems like the Famicon (NES), the Super Famicon (old Super NES), or Gameboy Advance games? (anything old)  I like to collect and play old video game systems and games.  I found a place in Joongdong, but they want like 250,000 for a used Super Famicon and their prices are just insane.  

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Yeah, is that shop you're talking about in the Jung-dong subway station (Green line #202)?

If so, that must have been some time ago, because that guy has since closed his doors.  That guy's "operation" basically equated to criminal piracy.  Dude was selling copied games out of his shop.  He would mod Xboxes for an outrageous price, and then sell copies of his games.  He was really trying to rip people off.  I went in to see how much he was asking for an R4 chip, and he wanted 150,000won (they're like, 40,000won everywhere else!).  Dude is insane.  I have no doubt he was just trying to pawn off all of his old crap on people stupid enough to pay his outrageous asking prices.

Anyway, getting back to your question, in Seomyeon there is one shop that has a few older things kicking around.  Follow the directions above, and he's the second one on the right.  Nicely organized, new shop, brightly lit.  He even speaks a bit of English.  If he's wearing a Rolex submariner, you know you've got the right guy (good taste).  He had the most vintage stuff out of all of the shops, when he started out.  He had to downsize and move into a smaller space, so I don't see a lot of that old stuff, but he might still have it.  He definitely still has GBA games and even a few Super Famicom carts sitting around.  You could always ask him, I'm sure he can dig something up for you at a reasonable price.

All of the shops have something old kicking around.  It's always worth a look.

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Home plus in Centum has a decent selection of new games. Found the new Halo there and Left 4 Dead 2. They had some accessories too surprisingly.

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I have a North American copy of Oblivion that you're welcome to have for 10,000won, if you want.

Also, I'll take just about anything in trade that isn't Xbox360.  So for example, DS, PSP, PS3, or even a book or something.

It's just...I absolutely can not get rid of it.

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Hiya folks-

Great topic here. I just moved to Busan and brought my US PS3 slim with me only to find oops, the power plugs are different here (dumb mistake to not check I realize). I've read that you can simply swap out the US power cord for the Korean one no problem (I did it for my laptop), but I've had no luck finding said Korean power cord. I just stumbled upon HomePlus, but they only had AC cords for the various iterations of the DS, and im not gonna buy an entire PS3 just for the power cord.

Any ideas? Do the game stores you guys mentioned here also carry cordage?

Re: Where to buy XBOX 360 games??

Am also interested in finding a power supply here in Busan.  I was here last year and used my old 360 with an asia compatible AC unit bought on ebay.  However, when I went back home for a few months I bought the new Xbox and didn't even think I needed to get a new power supply. 

Will the stores in Seomyeon carry just the AC power supply? 

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You guys should check onestop at Somyeon to get power cord. I got mine there. You can also fix or buy many parts there bcuz they have many used xbox/ps3 and it's parts.


Speaking of video games, Does any of you play Fifa? Fifa 13 will come out next week and im looking for a friend to play together, or if possible, make little tournament or something just for fun. 

Re: Where to buy XBOX 360 games??

You guys should check onestop at Somyeon to get power cord. I got mine there. You can also fix or buy many parts there bcuz they have many used xbox/ps3 and it's parts.


Speaking of video games, Does any of you play Fifa? Fifa 13 will come out next week and im looking for a friend to play together, or if possible, make little tournament or something just for fun.