Taco al Puebla is BACK.. at the Sea Cloud Hotel-Haeundae

Mr. Kim Tae Hwan has realized his goal. He started with a hole-in-the-wall burrito shop , the first Mexican food in Haeundae, and now has a sit-down restaurant in Haeundae. Granted, it is still a small restaurant with a limited menu, but go check out the food.

Located on the first floor (inside of) of the Sea Cloud Hotel (behind the Dunkin Donuts), space 115, he is open from 12 noon to 12 midnight every day except Monday. Phone: 747-6003. He speaks English.

On the day I went, the professor of Spanish from PUFS  (Mexico City) was there with 5 students. She recommended the food. (she also tried the Hello Kimchi Grill)

I tried the beef fajitas and I liked the flavor. He offers three kinds of salsa, and the "red" reminds me of the border! However, I still want Tae Hwan to offer pork on the menu. He continues on using the dry local beef instead of the "original" made with pork..  Please push him to offer pork Carne Asada, as it is offered in Mexico. I think it will be more flavorfull and juicy.

Menu: Tacos, Quesadillas, Burritos, Fajitas. Nachos, Tacos Dorados de Pollo, and Carne Asada.  Cost: from 5,000 to 10,000. Many beers are offered, including several imports and some drafts. If the ingredients are available, you might even luck out and get some enchiladas!

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Couple of questions, as he has said in the advertisment, If the ingredients are available, as I remember he ran out of ingredients often.  Has this been corrected.

secondly sorry to say that not only me but people iv'e talked to, have said he isn't very approachable in personality.  Hope for a good service and taco. 

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Went tonight, there was just one group of people there.. He ran out of rice and was very rude when explaining certain things on the menu.. Also, ran out of another chicken dish..His Carna Asda, came no where else to being a real one. 

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I've eaten here quite a few times already. The food is actually really good. Definitely the best Mexican food I've had in Korea so far. I recommend the beef fajitas, or the carne asada burrito. Both are awesome. I'm not quite sure why anyone wouldn't like Mr. Kim's personality. He is always extremely nice, and many times has given us service chips/salsa and nachos.

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I went to his old place two or three times and it was decent enought.  In six years I've still never really had GOOD Mexican food at a restaurant in Korea but I do have to say that his was among the best, but that's against some really awful competition.

Whatever the case, it's good to see him back open and I wish him luck.  He was rude to you, Windup Bird?  Imagine that.  You seem like such a pleasant fellow, I can't imagine why anyone would throw abuse your way.

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Hey Vaz,

Glad to hear that Vaz, my sentiments exactly. 

 I went to eat there with my girl a couple of weeks ago, I thought the food was very reasonable ( if not spectacular),  well priced and rapid ( All on our plate in a little over ten minutes) . The lemonade was truly enjoyable!

My only gripe was that when I asked for guac, the owner told me we could have it, but the avocados weren't ripe, so he advised against it.  That said, I'd much rather he did that than sold me sub-standard fare!

He explained everything well in Korean, leaving no doubt as to what to expect. I found him very approachable and friendly, in contrast to an earlier poster. Maybe he was having a bad day? ( No excuse I know, but just a thought...)

Anyways, just my tuppenyworth!

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Hello all,

I ate at his old place, and now live in California, in a small town that is at minimum 60% Hispanic. I still struggle to find "good" Mexican food. Most of it is really hit and miss. There are a couple of places here that are good with good service one day and a few weeks later the service is poor and the food overly salty.

Cheers to Mr. Kim for bringing a little variety to Korea. And just remember if you don't support him from time to time. You can just go back to eating at Outback(which I don't think is a bad option). I say appreciate him for what he is, basically a oversize stall vendor. Dang he has beer on tap, what room is there to complain...