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Socrates Cafe Discussion
August 15, 2010

Topic: How does our own culutre blind us to understanding others?
Participants : Greg Dolezal, Jon Hardy, Jeff Lebow, David Kim, Kim Lee, Oh Jae Hee, Park WonSeop, Jason Stubbeman, &   Ashley Summers Stubbeman

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Re: Socrates Cafe - Blinded by our own culture?

I think the correct term used to phrase this is Bounded Rationality i.e the choices and decisions we make here are limited by our own prejudice to an extent, and our cultural eye.I think being blinded is an incorrect term, you can be affected, stimulated, coerced, biased, but not blinded.If you are blind- you can not see, absorb, assimilate and that is nearly impossible. You ears and other cognitive processes would eventually adapt.  The fact that the process of evolution exists at all, at a visible conscious level, and at the invisible subconscious level  prove this. The dispersion of genes, the acceptance of norms, culture & language,are ample evidence that this can't be true.If you are blinded, you can not adapt, therefore exist in the long term, you are extinct.Therefore, culture can't blind you, but there are barriers to acceptance,mainly man made. Many of these barriers are taught as assumptions about others, and thus affect our rationality .I blame the education system, but I am a Marxist after all.