English Library in Seomyeon

I heard from some of my elementary students that there is an English library in Seomyeon.

Just wondered if anyone has been there and if the library carries books for adults that may be checked out (current fiction etc). Also directions would be great too.


Re: English Library in Seomyeon

There is an English library in the global village in Seomyun which is located near lotte department store but as far as I know you can only read the books at the library - they can't be checked out and not sure on the variety of books available.

Re: English Library in Seomyeon

There is a library in the Global English Village.  The library is on the 5th floor  in  the building located on the corner that is closest to the subway stop.  It is at the Buam subway stop, which is easy walking distance from Lotte Dept Store in Seomyon.  

Most of the books are for students and young adults.  There is a decent selection of books that is for adults.  There are also DVDs that you may use while you are in the library.  You must hand in your library card  to watch the DVD or use their computer.  

With a library card you can check out most any book.  Reference books, comic books and books from the toddler room can't be checked out.  It is easy to sign up for a library card.  Just go to the front desk and fill out the form.  They have a form just for foreigners in English.