Ten Tables - new burger place in Gwangali

We ate at a new burger restaurant last night.  It was opened recently by my hapkido teacher's friend.  It's called 10 Tables, and its located on Gwangali beach, between Starbucks and Breeze Burns (from the main road, facing the water, go left).

They have burgers and sandwiches, all decently priced.  I ordered a "Bacon Egg Burn" which was a huge cheeseburger with bacon and a fried egg.  It came with a small salad (a few forkfuls, but tasty), homemade chips (literally chips, not fries - thinly sliced potatoes, which were awesome) and homemade sweet potato chips too!  It was a really good burger, well worth the price, though next time I would ask for no sauce.  My wife ordered the 10Tables burger and she was equally impressed.  My friends ordered some sandwiches and were happy too.

It's a pretty good restaurant and I will go there again.  I don't know if you'll be able to see these pictures, but here's the store front and menu from my friend's album: http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=192355&id=603401329.

Bonus: Banana Bread Beer.

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Looking at the pictures of those doors it looks like it could be the same place that until recently was a waffle place. If it is the same place, then I think that it could be pretty decent since the owner lived in England for a long time and always wanted to set up a British style restaurant - fish and chips, bangers and mash etc, but didn't because he couldn't get authentic ingredients.So given all that, I will certainly give it a go.

Of course if it's not the same place, everything I just said wasted 3 minutes of my life!

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The frontpage is for a Salad Buffet starting from 9,900 won.  Is that for lunch only?  What are their store hours?  The bigger part is about accommodation (they call it a Pension) offer on the beach.  I want a real nice burger with cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

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Sound good. Its within walking distance for me, but still, I would like to know what time they open.

Korean businesses rarely post opening and closing hours, nor the days. Why is that?

What bugs me (a small rant, here) is the lack of Western foods available in the MORNING!

I'd like to have a more "westernized" breakfast than bean-sprout soup and rice.

AND, at a more reasonable price than Ono's.

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Went and had lunch during the storm today.

I ordered the Classic Burger for 11,000 won and was quite startled when it was delivered.

The only "classic" thing was was the bun, despite the menu picture. No cheese, no pickle, no ketchup or mustard, no onion, etc.

The traditional bun was layered with radicchio (my guess). Nestled in the red stuff was a slice of the big, chewy-tough ( Boletus?) mushrooms found at the grocery and a small slice of tomato. Next was a "hamburger patty" covered with a black sauce and topped with the bun. 

The black sauce (a lot of it, made everything soggy) was balsamic vinegar sauce. I was glad that I had brought several paper towels with me, my hands got soaked when I tried to pick it up.

The patty was not hamburger. It was very finely ground mixture of beef and pork with a binder of dried vegetables and perhaps bread crumbs. It reminded me of my mothers meat loaf, except the fat content was VERY low (this is not a juicy burger). There was no traditional beef flavor.

Accompanying the burger were fresh deep-fried potato chips, not the fries pictured in the menu. They were good, just enough salt.

The salad was put away in about three bites. Good dressing.

The atmosphere was nice. I enjoyed watching the storm hit the beach as I ate. They are open every day from 10:30-11:00 AM until 1 or 2 in the morning.

If you're in the mood for something different, give it a try. If you want a more "traditional" hamburger, then  go next door to Breeze Burns or Lotteria.

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Based on the info you've provided, I think I'll be avoiding this place.  It's unfortunate, because the initial post had me excited to try something that wasn't Breeze Burns (though I'm not complaining about Breeze Burns).  That was a very informative assessment of what you had for lunch, and I think this should give people a really good idea of whether or not they want to try it out.

I am, however, baffled that you would recommend the Lotteria (of all places)!?  That place is a heart attack incarnate, and has to be the absolute worst fast food I have ever had.

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Speaking of bun issues, My lamb kebab 'sandwich' at the turkish place in PNU on my last visit was a plain cold hot dog bun. I'll be cooking lamb myself from the asia mart if that's all one needs to make a lamb 'sandwich'. Oh and thanks for the shared coke, never again...... 

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Get with the times dude.  Kebabistan was a "never again" about 2 years ago.  Sadly the Turkish joint in Seomyon is going that way too.  I could handle the switch from sensational thin Turkish bread so standard tortillas, but a lamb kebab in a hotdog bun is where I draw the line.

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HAHA!! If only I lived in Busan and knew that.  I only went to PNU to go to that big book store.  

The fries were decent but it's pretty hard to screw up fries really and their wasn't enough of them. . I was going to order some of that cicek(?) but after the bun fiasco I thought it might come in the form of a shot glass of korean yogurt or ? for 3,000w.  


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           I have heard from an authoritative source very close to the original owner of Kebabistan in PNU, that the PNU  Kebabistan will be re-opening again next December under the ownership of the the old owner's brother. 

          Apparently the Kebabistan in Ulsan has closed down and relocated to Bungojin and his brother has bought back the old restaurant in PNU. Therefore the original quality of the restaurant will be restored from next month.

         They were quite disgusted to see what had become of their old PNU Kebabistan as well. I just hope the damage done to the brand and the name is not irreversible.

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I guess people haven't mentioned the Cheese burger at Geckos because it's so far out of the league of the other stores that they can't really compete but for the record it's pretty damn good.

You know it's a good sign when they ask you how you want your burger cooked because it means it's not fully of crappy meat that will kill you eating it uncooked.

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Lets face it, Koreans do not know how to make a decent burger. They make them with way too much sauce and they always fall apart. Breeze Burns sucks to. They make it look good but if Chef Ramsy went in, he would be like, bloody hell! The best burger in town, sadly, is at TGIF. You just need to ask them to cook the bun. But for 13 bucks you get one bad ass burger and fries. Some bars are good to but small and not worth 9 bucks. Char burger, a newer place in Centum sucks to. Oh well. It is not home so what can you do? Bon apetit.

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The best burgers are at TGI- no doubt!I know a good burger, it's my passion.Was 14 bucks and good value, never been disappointed there. Really hoping the Wolfhound lives up to the hype.Great menu, mind you, the food photos don't do it any favours, without exception terrible pics, except the picture of the barmaid.Hope those outs are mandatory.(lol)

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Slavo, is that really confirmed that the original owner's brother will be coming back to turn that place around?  That's great news if true--PNU lost a great restaurant when that place was sold.

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Yep, I can confirm that they have already bought back the place and are renovating the dinning area and cleaning out the kitchen in preparation for a re-opening sometime next December. You should note the original owners brother is one of the original cooks from when the place place first opened. 

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So far I have tried a number of places arround the areas I frequent.

Every one of them has lived up to the "american burger" crap you can find at any bread shop and too many street vendors.  Fake meat + random veggie trash patty coverd in things unimaginable to a westerner then dipped in syrup, sprinkled in trash and served with either good, or sadly abused fries.

Its so sad to see the few decent burgers completely ruined by the nasty and wholly unthinkable topping combinations they put on food here.  I swear they just dont understand "no sauce" even when said in Korean, they just pile extra on as they just cant comprehend life without sugar.

 Its like when you have some good meat almost done cooking at the Samguypsal palce and the horrid ajuma snaps up you scissors, chops the meat to pieces, and pours some unidentifiable sweet goo on top.  WTF, I like the taste of meat, not burned bits of rubbery fat in sugar.

sigh Korea, for a food culture you have a lot to learn.

Back on Topic:

If you want a really good burger fix save the trouble and to to Mc Donalds.

I cant stand even entering a western McDicks but here they do make a good burger here in Korea.  5500 for the Quarter pounder set is better quality and better price than anything I have tried.  Or just go pure and get a sackfull of cheeseburgers at 1900 each.

I have yet to try TGI fridays, but if you have to ask them to cook the bun I doubt its any good, probably just better than the rubbish other places put out.  Will have to try it though.

Good luck to all on your burger fantasy. 

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You guys shouldn't forget that Western taste and people are a small minority here.  Would a rice bun burger go over well back West, probably not.  Surprised that a burger made in Asia isn't up to your standards?  It's really not that hard to make a delicious burger yourself.  You guys can cook, correct?

Chambertin, you're going to the wrong meat joints.  No country has a perfect food culture but Korea does more right than what you're implying.  I've never been to a sam gyeop sal place that poured anything on it while cooking.  If you want to talk about food culture,  I'd never set foot in a place like McDonald's or TGI Friday's, both of which basically serve you overpriced frozen food.  I'll take that horrid ajumma over bland corporate food any day.

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A mixed salad is called for a bowl of salad mixed with many different vegi plants; not for many dressings; we can surely have an option later which on to put atop of all.  I think Korean people think western style is represented by American culture, but first by European one.  America is currently not a bowl of mixed salad but mixed salads.  So are the concept of burgers.  

I like 'le Quick' burgers in France, while in Korea it is called 함박스테이크, which sounds like burger plus steak.  Yes indeed, it is served in all most classic style western restaurants in Korea.  You can have side dish either salads or chips depending on your chief's daily specials, served with either white burn bread or a dish of white rice; basically a toasted ground beef mashed with egg yolks, breadcrumb, and a lil milk, yamm-yamm!

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That's funny--TGIF has mediocre burgers but McDonald's does them right?

The TGIF in Seomyeon has undergone some kind of exorcism; ditto Bennigan's, and the service and level of English, and the quality of the food has improved about 1500% percent.  Not the one at Lotte, the one around the corner from Migliore.  They used to undercook the patties (if indeed by 2pm they still HAD any), slather butter on the weak bun, have it come to your table toppling over,  and you'd have to hunt them down to get any utensils or condiments.  

The best burgers are generally made at home, but Red Bottle makes good burgers.