What is with the recruiters these days? They keep emailing me and posting the worst jobs. Recruiters, people with F2 visas do not work for 20 an hour or jobs that are 330 to 1030, monday to friday for 2.3mil. Especially TOEFL classes. Are you kidding me?

You guys are ruining the market here. You dont deserve the piece of the pie you are taking and in fact, are helping no one but yourselves. The pay sucks so no one takes the job but then the school is hurt. You keep posting it until some sucker accepts it so you get paid but then they quit when they find a job that pays well so you look again. You probably blame the teacher for taking off but it is in fact your fault because you find, in the end, an illegal teacher who accepts crap pay. Illegal because no one with a F2 will acept most of the jobs you post. If you want a F2 visa holder, pay better!

Schools, post your own jobs, pay better, and the end result for you will be teachers who stay which creates an atmosphere of trust for the parents and thus, more money for you in the long run. Pay a recruiter who takes our pay, you run the risk of someone teaching for a bit and then leaving all of a sudden because a job with better pay comes along a whole lot more. I have not taken a job through a recruiter in years. They are parasites, leeches that need to go away. And I am talking about part time here. Finding people abroad is a whole other topic.

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Agreed. Even minimum wage for Koreans is going up. Our wages have actually gone done. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

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I had to change my number about 8years ago. I got to the point where I couldn't answer my phone, they were calling. I made the mistake and gave my number to an agency, I will never do that again.

The woman was adamant. She actually wanted me to quit my university job and take a hogwan gig because the 'owner was so nice and kids so well behaved'. Her repsonse for vacation time was priceless; 'we'll discuss that later after you sign the contract'. I was actually stunned at this woman's determination. I told her she should sell insurance, people would buy it just to get rid of you.  

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There are too many recruiters. For sure they are keeping wages down by having to be cut throat with each other in order to get biz but in the end, we lose. People, 30 an hour is not even good. We used to get 30 per 40 minute class a few years ago. Prices are going up, the exchange is getting worse, and our pay is not even staying the same but rather, going down. Pretty sad here now. Those just getting here dont realize this but what can you do? If you find a good job keep it. I have two not that pay me 40 per hour. I am not letting them go to be sure!

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If you dont recommend using a recruiter what would you recommend for me appplying for jobs now?

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The post was more about F2 visa holders and part time jobs. For FT jobs it makes sense for schools to use them but for part time jobs, it is pointless.  A school can easily post an ad on here and save the money or better, put it towards getting a good teacher and not a recruiter. They are pointless for PT jobs. They are killing the market more than anything. They go to the schools promising to get teachers for less there by cutting the schools cost and making the next recruiter go even cheaper. The problem is teachers leave these crummy jobs when they find one that pay more. This is why you keep seeing the same lousy jobs posted on here. School should post their own ads I think. And again, I make good money. My schools pay me 35 and the other 40 per hour so I am good; I just hate seeing lousy jobs getting posted when the only one who is benifiting is recruiters and maybe illegal teachers who think 20 an hour is a good job. That was it. But for FT, you can post an ad on here looking for work. Many schools go through here. If you are back home it sucks because recruiters will say anything to get you here. Mine told me I was going to Busan but I neded up in Incheon working 6 days a week and living 30 minutes by bus away from the school. Needless to say this was not what I signed up for and I ended up leaving after 3 months with the school wondering why??? Anyway, good luck on your hunting and if you are a recruiter trying to play devils advocate-then I guess I made my point if you needed to go one here and try to prove something. Jobs are everywhere. Recruiteres are over valued. Just my opinion. Everyone can try and make a buck but I just wish the schools would realize how pointless they are. That was all.

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Justine, I would go directly to the EPIK website and apply there. Don't even bother with hogwans (privately owned schools). This is a gov't program and therefore a gov't job at a gov't school.   

8:30-4:30pm, five days a week, a month's vacation and the most important reason of all; you actually get PAID!! and on TIME!!! There are all ways class cancellations and you might even get a decent principal that let's you go home early.

If the university scene got nasty or I lost my job for whatever reason I would concider EPIK. I would have a very straight forward chat with my potential boss though and tell him the way it is and in writing. If they could handle a 40year old spoiled brat.  

Going back to a hogwan? Never....not even for 4million a month!  

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What I dont like about EPIK is that you dont find out where you are going to be placed until you actually arrive in the country. We only want to be placed in Jangsan, Haeundae so I dont want to actually risk getting to Korea to find out I am somewhere Rural. Also, isnt it less money?

Re: Recruiters

I didn't know that.

I think they might just be telling people that so they can fill up the less desirable places. I have heard of some kind of remote pay, a person I knew who worked in the mid-west coast province got a 200,000w stipend for such a thing.

As for Haeundae, the chances of you getting that area are slim to none in EPIK I'm sure. Those schools are rarely opened up and taken by people all ready in the system.

Good luck to you though. There has to be a standard hogwan around 3-9pm or something..


Re: Recruiters


I worked for EPIK in Haeundae. And when I went to the board of ed in Haeundae to seek a transfer to another school in Haeundae.  She advised me that if I gave up my seat in my school, I would inevitably be placed in a school outside of Haeundae, as LBS somewhat alluded to, EVERYBODY is looking for a slot in Haeundae schools. 

I would advise against EPIK simply on the fact that contract conditions have changed. Hence my leaving the program. It still largely depends on the principal at the school, but you may in fact have to desk warm for winter/summer vacations, and last time I checked, "camps" or vacation classes are no longer paid.

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Twaddle, you people live in a bubble. Not everyone wants to work,or live in a jam packed City. What's so good about a tiny, so called beach, with a few decent bars? Gwangahli has more to offer, in my humble opinion.As for Uni jobs, they aren't all good- see ads on Dave's.This obsession with Busan smacks of insecurity and hype.Do you really have to be surrounded by Waygooks everyday?I like the country,the people, its relaxing.Nice to be away from geniuses, heroes ,  pseudo rock stars and actors taking a sabbatical.

Re: Recruiters

I think people want Haeundae more for the opportunity to do private classes. When I spent time there doing classes eons ago i felt like everyone was using me for English. Perhaps things have changed, this was a long time ago. With that said.

My kyopo friend Eric, who I have known for 10years lives there, operates a restaurant the most direct no bullshit fellow you would ever meet and he said the place is an infestation of nothing but fake rich people with BMW leases, housing loans and payment plans. He can't go an hour he says without a credit card getting rejected at his place.  

I guess that's why he comes to see me and I never go to see him.   


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Haeundae is the place to be. Not only for privates but for a few reasons. You have the beaches-2 of them. You have everything you need here being a foreigner. Every foreign restaurant you could want, many foreign bars and of course shopping galore. And my favorite, you can easily get out fo the city. Nothing is worse than be surrounded by noise in every direction. In Jangsan, you can easily head north and out of the city so I agree with Angel in that the country is also nice. As for Gwanganli, it is nice but to much city for me. I like the strip but I feel to enclosed there. Nice to go eat there once in a while but for living Haeundae is the place to be. And Haeundae is gig so when I say that, I mena Dalmalji Hill or Jangsan/Jung-dong. Anyway, anyone take that job from 6-9 for 20 an Nice one or what???

Re: Recruiters

Pedantic here-Maybe for the young , its ideal there. I don't dislike Haeundae, I just think its over-hyped as a place to get a job, and as a resort of sorts.My wife is from that area, so I know it well enuf. Not sure I would call those efforts, beaches mind.Go to Oz, Hawaii, Spain, Canaries, France, SA, to see beaches. After all, isn't the sand imported from Hong Kong like Waikiki.Too many people on em, its pricey and over rated. Restaurant wise, Ganga is is a good example of mutton dressed as lamb, in  my mind.Call that value for money.Are eateries like Bennigans,VIPs, or even OB good value?.Having said that, there are other reasonable bars and restaurants like De Marise, but even it it aint as good ,as it used to be.

Being dull here-The best thing I can remember about Haeundae, was my first date with a lady here, now wife. Taking a romantic stroll with her after curry(asif it could be after those prices), early eve, along the promenade.Yee Godz, on the Horizon there was a naked,yet still attractive, drunken, old Ajuma veering towards us. Fair play, for a 60 year old, what a pair of ear rings !!!!!!!!!! I tried not to look , but I was drawn in by the hypnotic, pendulum like rhythm of two orphaned Orios, swinging in the breeze.This will be forever etched on to my retinas.Sadly, it hasn't happened since, to my great regret.My wife never flinched, made a fuss, and coolly remarked, " Do you like Asian ladies now?Why do you want to date a Korean?"Yes, Haeundae is nice, but there are so many other really cool places around here,but I am an old coot.

Agreeing for a change here-You know JV, I am absolutely in agreement with you about these ridiculous low paid 20 an hour jobs. I suspect people take em to begin with,and somewhere, shortly down the track, realize they are wasting their own valuable leisure time. Time to travel to the job, payments for transport- there and back. This must cut em down to 15 bucks. I think these folk are newbies to work life, not just to Korea. It is hard to educate them cos they are younger and don't appreciate the value of their own time yet.Should we castigate for naivety, and not knowing any better?

In Korea, some guys here are making 100-150 an hour, but only here and there.These are the exceptions, I reckon.Though I knew of a crafty newbie couple, who were charging a family a 100,000 per hour per kid, and they taught em everyday.They  were raking it in, but I think that was a bit of a rip off and sends the wrong signals about us. There doesn't seem to be balance here.I'll be honest, I hate non F visa people doing privates when they've got good jobs elsewhere, esp Govt jobs.Particularly, when they flashing the cash about.Its not for me to tell these people what to do, how to live their lives, but ultimately it is illegal. This just drives the market price down, shuts down Hak wans, puts good Korean teachers outta work.I think people who have been here for over 5 years should be able to get an F visa, maybe a F6(made up).It might be a little more pricey, but it would allow good natured, professional earners to make a crust. There are good teachers out there, who are not married, who deserve F visas.The people who are any good and have been here for a while, should have some sort of entitlement, just like any other nation that has skills shortages eg OZ, NZ and the UK.I am Pro F visa status for all professions, not just teaching.Having said that, are the authorities at large??????????????

Re: Recruiters

angel is you don't mind me asking... where are you from?

Re: Recruiters

Thanks.. was just trying to place a location based on the dialect you use.

Re: Recruiters

"I think people who have been here for over 5 years should be able to get an F visa"

Couldn't agree more.  If a Korean had lived in Australia as long as I've lived here they would have already been a citizen for 3 years.

Re: Recruiters

There is process Dog but it involves staying at the same job for a period of 7years I think it is. This pretty much KOs many people right from the get go.

One poor bastard at my school applied, had the timeline down but got denied because of some issue a year ago with him being let go and then being rehired again. Back to zero! Any excuse to not give the visa. Give a next to impossible work history and residence timeline, then when people get too close to the carrot, take it away. Real cheap shot if you ask me.


Re: Recruiters

It all depends on who you talk to at immigration. There seems to be different rules everytime. An F5 is for people who have been at the same job for 5 years and so on but I was told it was stopped but I also remember my friend getting one. Just been here a long time. That said, according to a different source, anyone can now apply for it-same job or not. It really is weird down there. I get 2 years for a F2 after being married for 2 years-and I did not ask for two but my friend who has ben married for more keeps getting 1 year visas? Very strange. SO basically, who knows. They need to get their stuff together down there and have one rule for everyone. It is so unorganised. I guess immigration does not worry about these kinds of visas because they think who would want to stay here that long?


I did a little online research about what it takes to get an F5 a while back and found out that it's based on a point system.  If you can get to a certain number of points, you can qualify.  The criteria is:

Education: The higher your degree, the more points you get.  You also get more for multiple degrees.

Volunteer/Study:  You can get some points for doing volunteer work of certain types.

Korean language: Being conversant gives you points, though fluency isn't at all required

Age:  This was a big one.  Being too young or too old is a liability.  I think that the ideal age range is between 25 and 35.  Once you hit 40 it's pretty much impossible to qualify, unless you have like 2 PhDs.  I'm 39 (40 Korean age) and once I saw that I didn't even bother trying to apply.

Also, if you've been in any legal trouble in Korea is counts for NEGATIVE points, which also hurts me since I ran afoul with the authorities some years back in a notorious comedy incident.

This is just from my memory from what I read and some of it may be inaccurate.  But like anything, getting and F5 is probably more about the whims of the immigration agent in charge than any concrete criteria.