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I want to know if there are any Bachelor Degree courses taught in English in Busan?

I am married with a F2 but need to get a Degree.

Thanks in advance

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and what is your ethnicity?  Are you a Filipino married to a Korean?

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Why is that important??   Are you racist??     My ethnicity has nothing to do with it.  I want to study and earn a Bachelor Degree that is taught by the medium of the English Language.   Whether I am Filipino, Greek, Russian or Chinese makes no difference.

The answer is no - I am not Filipino

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Nomad, you must be new in Korea. Racists abound in this place,  Korean and foreigners alike. I should know, been here for the last 10 years.  Some people take one look at you and assume right away that you're stupid just because of the color of your skin or your nationality. But if you're lily white, the assumption would the opposite.

To answer your question about a degree being taught in English, most universities have official websites in Korean and English, you can check the courses they offer from there.

Good luck,

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ignore the ignorance dude.  there are courses available to foreign students at just about any of the universities.  not only that, admissions to foreign students are much easier than for korean students, in terms of academic qualifications.  trouble is, all the courses are taught in korean, except for english that is, so you would need to be somewhat fluent in the language.  secondly, if you're trying to earn a degree in order to become an english teacher, most schools look for degrees from overseas.  for example, one of the requisites for an E2 is is that your degree must be from an accredited university from an english speaking nation.  but with an F2 it may not be much of an issue.  i am also an F2 but as my degree is not from korea i would not be able to tell you. 

what i would do is check in with PNU.  just walk into the registrar or something and ask.  that is the biggest university in korea's second largest city and i'm sure there are foreign exchange students there.  i know in seoul, the universities have actual foreign student departments but not sure about down in busan. 

well...hope that sheds a bit of light.

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most English department courses are taught in Korean not English so that might not help.

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Thanks for the advice guys.   .....  It's really appreciated.

I just thought that maybe with some of you working in Universities you may know for sure.   

I will have to get my walking boots on and do some leg - work.