Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

[Mod Note: Since this deals more with moderation policy than the topic of where it was originally posted, it has been moved into its own forum topic.] It is far past time to start ignoring the ignorant rants of Lee Bum Suk! He is either a "troll" or someone who is so closed-minded as to really have no business being here. An Internet "troll" is someone who posts with opposing and often offensive or obscene opinions in order to incite other posters to argure with inflammatory views and get everyone riled up. They get off on pushing people's buttons just to do it- very immature! If Lee Bum Suk is actually sincere, then he is one of those closed-minded individuals who seeks to promote the culture of shame and secrecy for women that, for centuries, has pushed women to be shamed about their sexuality and forced them to keep quiet about issues that concern them and, most importantly, pushed them to keep quiet about the extremely seriuous issue of sexual violence. This whole endevour seeks to end that! If Lee Bum Suk were open to discussion and learning about these issues, that would be one thing. Clearly, he is not open to any discussion at all. He only seeks to disparage those invovled and the very idea itself. To that, I say clear off, we don't need you! Good day! Ben W. May

He's not a waste of my time. 

He's not a waste of my time.  When I see one of his posts I scoll down and read the following post.  Should the moderators censor him?  He is free to spew and I am free to ignore him.

You need to read my post, I

You need to read my post, I don't have a problem with adults using and discussing words and situations related to the word vagina.  I'm a strong believer in women's rights and equality but I'm talking about content that is not suitable for children, non-adults.

I have a problem with people not of age being exposed to this type of language. Trolling? my opposite point? Do you think it's appropriate for adolescents to listen, read or watch such things? I don't think people under the age of adulthood should be exposed to these matters outside of a sex ed class and there are laws in place in order to protect them from such.  

This is adult content Mr. May, ten year olds, twelve year old or children not old enough to get into a 'R' rated movie need not be exposed to such matters on this forum. 

All I'm asking is that a disclaimer be present. Caution; this contains content of an adult nature. View discretion is advised. (In Korean also)

Have a nice day


ps...mods; all ways the high road, no personal insults from me.

don't really know what this

don't really know what this is about but....

A)  'trolls' are allowed membership and expression to any forum or discussion until rules are broken.

B)  don't see what the fuss is about.

Drawing the line...


Welcome back to the forums. If you're wondering why part of your recent comment here was deleted, it's because the posting policies and enforcement have changed a bit since moving away from the old forums. The 'no insults or personal attacks' part of the policy is being enforced more strongly than in the past, in hopes of avoiding having so many discussions digress into "You're an idiot. No you're an idiot" (which inevitably happens once the insults start flying). We want substantive discussions and disagreements, but we want them to stay civil. Even if you think someone is a jerk for having a particular opinion, please attack their arguments, not the person.

Peace Out,

Re: Drawing the line...

LBS is funny to read!

He hates other foreigners but wants to help them out with his 'useful' posts.

Funny stuff!

Re: Drawing the line...

I don't hate anyone. I simply don't hang around foreigners that much anymore. What's the point? I have little in common with them. Most don't last or are just passing through. I have a small but good group of friends; foreigners and Koreans. 

If I can stop a person from being exploited by having them not take a job for 20,000w/hour, I think it's worth getting ripped by devil's advocate critics on this site. What have you done for the community lately?

Re: Drawing the line...

You just come off as a little obsessive about the issue. You have done alot tho... I was looking at the top posters and you come in at 3rd, behind the manager and a blogger. Great job Lee Bum, thank you for visiting the site on a daily basis to keep our pockets safe.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

I have never met the guy but I like he sticks up for people who deserve and need it. At the same time, there are too many yahoos here thinking they are all wise and have all the answers but are ignorant as can be so some posts seem offend them but unless you can understand Korea, truly, which comes from years of being here, then people should reserve judgement. I to dont hang out with many foreigners-or koreans for that matter, as most who come are young and pasing through town. Yo bra. I lvoe soup bra. Lets get wasted bra. Give me a break. I have a great group of people here in Busan who are married with kids and that is enough. Young people coming in here talking about vaginas and teaching sex ed for example need to get there noggins checked in my books but not because they are wrong, but because they dont understand korea. Being intelligent, loggical and even right does not make you wise!

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

Thank you for the kind words Jay, but I think you have done more than I on this front.

The thing is jay, the pain could stop today. Koreabridge could actually implement a pull down window option for 'payment per class(not hour) and set start at a  minimum; 30,000w with 5,000w increments. . Just like they do for the other questions...are you a licensed recruiter? Does this job pay pension blaa blaa..... 

If we have a base like this you will never hear another word from me on this issue. The 30,000w is too low anyway but that will make all of the socialists happy. I think this would send a message to the nasty ones that whitey's sons and daughters are yours no more and also that koreabridge truly cares about the community.


Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

Be good but would never happen. This site is here like any other biz is because they want to make money. Taking care of teachers is not a priority and to be honest, I understand that. Biz is biz.

I will say regarding this thread, it is pretty ignorant. Some guy goes off on you personally but I would think attacking someone personally is a lot worse than commenting on ideas-yet what he did is some how more noble or not worse than what he is saying you do??? Not very loggical.

I get messages to saying I should stop complaining but I dont post stuff about money for me. I make 4-6 mil every month. My job today pays me 40 per class-50 min class. There was a job on line recently that was saying 40 per class but the class was an hour and twenty minutes long...lol I really just like to take care of my friends and I consider those who come here-whether I know them or not, my friends (I may not hang with them but coming here takes a certain degree of confidence and it is not always easy so I can respect that).

I dislike we cant comment on jobs that get posted but that goes back to the biz part of things on here. Who would want to pay this site money and then have their ad bombed...lol Not good for biz so in the meantime, I will just keep posting away. I actually had my comment voided yesterday about some 'sale'. I commented on how pathetic it was some person was selling used shoes for 10 bucks but that was not allowed either. I found that a little odd but...maybe it is on and I jsut missed it some how??? 

Personally, I really want schools to stop using recruiters to find teachers. More than anything, I would like to change that about Korea. There never used to be this many recruiters but now there are many. Their fighting for biz is really keeping prices down. Post yourself. Save money and give a little more to the teachers. It will be better for your school in the long run!!!

Anyway, got side tracked there. I think this thread has run its course. Time fo a new one...lol

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

lee, there you go again trying to sound like you're trying to do some great service when in fact, your idea is silly at best as why would jeff or koreabridge want to change anything with the job posting? It's fine as it is. you can post whatever you want and list the details as it applies to the job. you want it per class? what if a school offers 15-minute classes? or if they offer 3 hour classes? i think you're earlier post sums you up best as in you have little in common with most teachers in town. if some guy wants to make a quick extra buck and takes a 20,000 or 25,000 per class or hour job, why does it bother you so much? maybe he's a first year teacher and it's his foot in the door. we all have to start somewhere. i did my share years ago and it's gotten me the connections i have now. even you, by your own admission, worked 3 years at hogwons before getting a university job. but you act like an ass to people because you have a university job while most are working at hogwons. then, you realize what an ass you really are and go posting how salaries should go up so you can say you support the english teachers in town.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

When I worked for a hogwan for three years I did so at a going rate or above and my overtime was 25,000w this was back in 1995.

You are not doing the community any good by playing the devil's advocate and telling others it's all right to work on the cheap. If you want to live your life like a pauper that's fine but do it in Thailand with all the other backpackers and get paid in beads. Your 'what if' rant makes me howl, I guess if a person is dumb enough to take 20,000w per class they have no concept of division/multiplication tables or fractions.

So again, what have you done for the community lately? other than bitch at me for not working for peanuts and telling people it's ok to be exploited. You asked the for reason why I care so much about what other people do? you don't.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

LBW- I agree with u.Keep up the good work , but we won't always agree on everything.20 bucks sucks and if the monkeys want peanuts, that's their problem.People with talent, who can negotiate, will always get higher amounts, and the weak will always get stiffed, wherever they are.If they value themselves at 20 bucks, so be it.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

Thank you Angel, yes we have had words in the past but at least our arguments are civil.

You are correct, some people are beyond saving. A loser is a loser, I don't know if such individuals do it so they can self loath and eat worms everyday or are the people who proclaim how terrible Korea has treated them. I think for the most part people in life get exactly what they deserve.  

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

lee, in case you didn't get the point, let me spell it out for you.

[insult deleted]

do you think you're better than all these people because you have a university job? or because you make more money than them? and they're losers because they can't get a better job? you really are an ass! maybe consider that you're 40 with years of teaching experience while these people that you call losers are in their young 20's. you have no perspective at all. and your useless advice makes you sound like an even bigger ass. and yes, you have nothing in common with most people in town. do you think people are so stupid that they are going to take the worst job available? if someone is very qualified and are receiving many great job offers, why would they take a starter job? are you telling me that if a good applicant is getting job offers for 2.4 or 2.5 while being at the school for only a few hours a day, that this person is going to need your advice to turn down the 2.2 million job offer that requires them to work 9-6? seriously? but that's not your point, is it? your motivation is to belittle people so if some new teacher or less qualified teacher is getting few or no other job offers, and they take a starter job in busan, your only purpose is to try to make them feel bad. and in the process, maybe this makes you feel good about yourself? maybe that has more to do with why you only have 4 or 5 friends in korea?

and what have i done for the community? probably the same as you and that is jack squat. i don't proclaim to have moved mountains like you.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

Starting a chat to get a guy banned?


He has done nothing wrong, this whole forum has applauded his efforts.


Amazes me the chat has gone from him being banned to some group hug! I do not know.  Having been here 4 years & only just got so bored I decided to reach out, I will  say 3 things..

1)  Can't believe the moderators allowed this thread, calling for a member to be banned?  It should have been banned from the onset.  Lee B S has done nothing wrong, so I suggest this thread is deleted.


2)  Old timers or those who refer to themselves as such, you have no right to act like daddies of Korea.  This is not your country, you are disliked & liked in the same way we all are.  We are visitors.  I have done 4 years continuous service but I can be enlighted by people that have been here 1 week.  No, before you jump I mean teaching service.


3) I think this is a great site, has downfalls but there we go.  I have relied on it & will support it.


My 1 & only qualm is in another thread which interestingly enough I cannot find.


L B S - carry on, u got fame from some guy who I forgot his name!


Respect to you all & I am not into comments or being derorgatory.  Be here because you chose to be, do not be here because you want to be a pain to others.  Bet ya I bet ya some guy or gal says 'you just joined this site so u do not know.....' chun won bet




Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

I say just ignore them, and the rest of those who have been here too long to be of any use to anyone outside of the "clique."  It's quite obvious that many who stay here too long either develop some kind of complex or deal with the differences between what they wanted and what they ahve by ranting away on forums all day.

Leave them be as you only feed their oddity by even communicating with them.

Its kind of like the people who go to church to point and judge other people so that they feel better about their pathetic little lives.  God bless 'em every one.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

''I say just ignore them''....then why do you respond and why does it take you three paragraphs to say such? A child only needs to tell an adult once he/she doesn't like asperagus.

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

LBS, why do you bother to waste your time answering this constant stream of drivel from individuals who so obviously have so much time on their hands.

I have no doubts that the majority of us that are amused by the ongoing comments, have no doubts as to your sincerity in your postings, a somewhat rare attribute on this site.  

Your comments may at times seem to be a little arrogant, but are in actual fact only your attempts to be honest in your thinking and highlighting areas you are obviously unhappy about.  

May your entertaining posts continue ad infinitum. 

Re: Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

food, especially new and strong tasting ones, need to  be tried at least nine times before a true like or dislike is formed.  a child one time saying that it does not like something should have no influence on whether the food will be offered again.  (the same goes for adults, really.)  this approach is of even greater importance when dealing with something as wonderfully healthy and urine fun inducing as asparagus.  multiple tastings and samplings is how people  learn to stop eating dirt and rocks.  asparagus is awesome!