Korean Convenience Store Patio Dining!

That's just lovely. All foreigners should go out and drink soju on the side of the street for all the Korean nationals to see. Why use a cup though? Why don't you just drink straight from the bottle or put a bag around it like a hobo? Let's live up to exactly what they think of us; alcoholic skirt chasing fugatives on the lam from home with criminal records.

Now you have to take us onto the streets? Like foreigners and the bar scene wasn't bad enough.Thanks for puting us back a decade. This is why I rarely hang out with foreigners.

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Firstly the term foreigner is racist and offensive, how do you know they haven't taken Korean citizenship?  Maybe some non-citizen residents stay here too long.

Secondly what other people do is none of my business.

Thirdly if I am older than you, you have no right to tell me what to do.

If I want to drink my Louis XIII Cognac from a paper cup on the street, and someone thinks that reflects on them, can I humbly suggest they get a life. 

Re: Korean Convenience Store Patio Dining!

You keep drinking that cognac best teacher, it makes things clearer for us foreigners and Koreans alike. I'm pretty sure those people in the video don't have Korean citizenship unless they are giving it away in soju caps or in the eye of the cuttlefish.  

Really, is that the best you can come up with? Grow up then seasoned vet. This is exactly why I don't hang out with those who are pigmently challenged.

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thank god for that!  who likes d-bags being all mr. judgey judgey  when you're out enjoying your weekend, right?  lee, on behalf of all the foreigners here, i thank you for not wanting to hang out with us ^^

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The problem with the video is the sad attempt at humor.

If Korean people drink, get drunk and shout and argue out the front of Family marts, why can't foreigners?

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Yeah I have a good time when I go out and I might even get a tad tipsy but I certainly don't make a public spectical of myself.

Some of you people forget we are guests here in this land that is not our own and we are judged accordingly and as a collective. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason; they ring true too often enough. When I see this type of behavior it vexes me greatly because I get ropped into the same group as you. I certainly do not wish to be as I've been here too long and worked too hard to be reduced to something on that video.

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We are guests here? I do not think so. We live here-whether that be for a year or longer it still is living. We are not in someone's home-we are out and on our own. Well I agree there are some kids here that are still quite immature-seeing Korean men pissing on the sides of the road and or passed out kind of makes it seem not to bad. I think foreigners (and that is what we are even though we all live on the same planet and it does not belong to anyone) are helping with making this place better to be honest with you. Yes, Koreans pick on the bad we do and try to say that we are a problem (over the years many reports in the newspaper and so on saying poor things about us) but the good is usually pretty good. No smacking and slurping food, yelling on the phone while on the subway, opening doors for others and so on, so I do agree some people here are morons but most are good university graduates trying to pay off bills. Perhaps you need to remember what you were like when you were younger??? Anyone who takes this place to seriously needs to chill I think. Look around you, why would you? Pay is crap, housing is crap, it is dirty and congested, the people lack what we think to be as normal manners, driving is every man for themselves...Come, make money and or have fun and get out of here. They use us so what is wrong with using them?

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Hi Jay, how's it going?  This isn't about me. What Koreans do in their own country is their own business. Everything we do is scrutinized. We are put under a microscope and play by different rules in the same game, you know this. We can't win, but if we don't give them ammo, we have a chance of at least being left out of the spot light..  

No matter how long we stay, get married to a Korean national or even change citizenship we are not concidered Korean nor will we ever be. I have no problems with that as I don't live under the illusion we are equal or will be equal someday. I started out the same time as a Korean sikahn-kangsa, he's now a full prof. I'm still a gae-yak kangsa......Did I have the same opportunity as him to advance? Certainly not. This mandate comes straight from the government my friend. Do gov't universities  here not fire foreigners after 3years service because they don't want to give tenure or pay added pension? Most certainly they do.

Got laundry, later. 

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How am I a guest, my wife and daughter are Korean citizens?

The thing that annoys me most here is 이범석 was a great man with a sense of humour. His murder in Rangoon was a great loss to Korea.  It's a shame to see his name used in the way you use it.

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Hahahahaha!  You don't hang out with foreigners!  Something tells me it's the other way around.  Who want's to hang out with judgemental prig. A night out with you sounds about as fun as a trip to the dentist.  This idea that all Koreans see us outside of Family Mart and think we're all barbarians is just false.  Look, when people get drunk they misbehave, Koreans and foreigners alike.  I've been in Korea for a while now and I can certainly say that foreigners don't have a monopoly on bad behavior.  If you don't like it, then don't participate.  Coming on to a online forum and crying about it makes you sound like a baby. 

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You champions win. Hang out, drink soju on the street kick it with the other gutter rats, make us proud. Koreans aren't judgemental at all, They don't see as a group, only as individuals because they know deep down in their hearts; we are all brothers and sister alike.

Got kids coming, think I'll crack the Captain Q...I'm sure the parents will understand.     


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Sure Koreans judge us. But they're not judging us badly for doing what they consider normal and acceptable. Your assuming that because drinking outside on a sidwalk is bad by western standards, we're being a bad example. But Koreans do it all the god damn time!

Koreans drink outside of convenience stores all the time. Why? Because it's convenient, fun and cheap. It's also very much a part of the easy going nightime outdoor life. 

Your saying we shouldn't be able to do what's convient, fun, cheap and very in tune with Korean culture?

Last time I was infront of ministop drinking with my friends, a drunk Korean guy bought us a bunch of beers. I've only ever gotten smiles, waves and conversation from people passing by during night time convenience store drinking trips. They're probably happy to see us immersing ourselves in the culture.

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Most definately we are scrutinized to a degree not even comparable to what Koreans are. For example, there have many cases lately of men raping and killing young underage girls but a few years back, one pedophile who had not been charged of anything in Korea but rather Thailand, changed the immigration policy in Korea. Criminal checks came to be because of this one person. This is not bad but now look at Korea. A  man brutally rapes a 8 year old (can never have children now and so on) and the son gets his sentence reduced because he is old-like 60 years old. Come on! A teacher exposes himself not once but twice to high school girls and his punishment was he was moved to another school. He claimed he was only going to the washroom-twice in a few minutes right near the same girls??? A foreigner was charged of sexual assault by a girl and he was thrown in jail-even though there was no evidence, no one saw anything and this supposedly happened in the classroom in front of others???  In Seoul some people had a wet t-shirt contest and this was bombarded by cops and bad press. So yes, we need to be careful with how we conduct ourselves here as things are not fair, but a few peeps drinking outside a Family mart and getting silly is okay. Behaving well will not change ignorant minds and like you said, we are scrutinzed beyond belief so I would think this is even a better reason not to care. You can do everything right and then make one mistake and you will be remembered for that here so bottoms up is my thinking.

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HAHAHA!! HP you rock! Jay and others....no sarcasm intended.....F*** it!  When in Rome!

There is a 7-11 down the street that has plastic chairs and tables outside, I'm going to go down and have a few beers there tonight!!  I got this whole attitude from my wife who said I shouldn't drink at places like that. we have a reputation to keep.  I think my wife and myself need to get off our collective high horses.

Thank you community really!  Bottoms up and cheap bottoms up!!

 ps...Do they allow you to use their bathroom or am I really going native? 


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Ouch dog. I once pissed in an empty pitcher of beer at a bar in universtiy and a beer thief chick drank it. That's my worse claim to fame, last night was a good time though. I will definately start out at the store again.