What the hell happened to Sunset!? a tale of two Canada days.

Last year we went to Sunset bar for Canada day and had a great time. The bar was packed, we all did a Canada day quiz for a free beer and the music was all Canadian all night. 

Tonight... Well we're never going back.

When we got there we were surprised to see the place was half dead. I went to the bar for a quiz sheet and even though it was only 11, they said they were already out. I found a filled out sheet and realized it was the exact same one as last year. On the plus side,  The DJ wasn't too interested and told me I could pick songs, which I did gladly. But while playing Gordon Lightfoot's Carefree Highway  (a song that went over big last year) an American told me I better change it because the owner was complaining. 

I reluctantly changed the music to a surefire crowd pleaser: Bare Naked Ladies' If I had a Million Dollars. Despite half the bar singing along, the song abruptly stopped half way through. And when we asked the guy who changed the music (turns out he was the owner), he told us the song was lame and we were too young to know what good music was. He then preceded to play "I love Rock and Roll" because apparently that song isn't lame... or Canadian. When we asked him what the point was of killing Canadian music on Canada day was, he told us to fuck off. 

Suffice to say, we're never going back to sunset. Even if the owner wasn't a dick, the half dead bar is no place to spend any night, let alone Canada Day.

So here's my question: When the hell did Sunset go from a good bar to a shitty bar?

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how often do you go to sunset?  i think it and sharky's are good places and the owners are cool.  maybe a canadian owned bar would have been a better choice.  are there any in busan?  perhaps it was the millionth time for 'if i had a million dollars,' maybe he had to pull the plug before people started playing celine and shania tunes.  i do like gordon lightfoot, though sometimes his music gets me thinking about John Belushi's death and it must be turned off.  besides, according to a year-long poll conducted by rolling stone magazine i love rock an roll is actually an awesome song on any continent in any country at any time on any day. drop another dime!

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This was Canada day, I think the guy could have been more accomodating and I'm American.   It's typical korean biz philosophy, screw your customers and wonder why you have no business later. Man they really live by the pyramid scheme don't they?  I look around at the business that make it and they have one thing in common, they don't screw customers.

There is a restaurant locally that has a jungle gym for kids, you know the plastic thing where they can jump around. The new asshole owner put a sign that if you aren't a customer you can't use the jungle gym. My friend and I drink across the street from this place and we have never seen a car in the parking lot. coincidence? I think not, people talk that is death to a business. 

After this story , I will never go to this place. 

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Something tells me you're not giving the whole story here.  I know the owner of Sunset and he's a fine human.  Perhaps you were wound a bit to tighlty to have a good time anywhere.  And I'm gonna have to agree with the decision to pull the plug on BNL.  That song is pure shite, give me Joan Jett anyday, twice on Canada day. 

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Drunks unit to spare the owner!

Joan Jett? do you have a mullet to go with that cassette?  Come on guys how bad could a person possible be (and a Canadian at that) to make another person, so called foreigner friendly to swtich a song mid-play?  That is just rude, whatever the genre of song.


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@elmobuzz - I would have gladly gone to a Canadian owned bar for Canada Day, But I don't think there are any. There is however a bar that advertises their Canada day celebrations and had a packed house and a great night last year: Sunset. But while last year was a celebration for Canada, with the full range of Canadiana played,  this year he was apparently just putting up with us so he could get more customers. And why would I want to go to a bar like that?

Killing off Canadian music on Canada day and calling your customers lame is bad business regardless of what song you play after.

@hardpuncher - I can't think of anything else to this story. I wasn't tightly wound at all, I was having quite a good time till the guy stopped our music (that a bunch of people were quite clearly enjoying and singing along to) and called us lame (he also told my 25 year old girlfriend she was too young to know what good music was). And fine, listen to all the Joan Jett you want on Canada day. But don't do it at a Canada Day celebration.

Chilln, please read from this msg from Mike the owner of Sunset.

Wow, never in my 2 years of running sunset have I even had to write one of these msg but I guess there is a first time for everything.

First off, this is San Diego Mike and I am the OWNER of Sunset!  I know for a fact I did not change any music last night, wasn’t even on the computer at all and I for sure didn’t insult anyone’s girlfriend (that is just not how I roll).   In fact I was at Sharky’s last night after leaving sunset early.  Sunset was busy and seemed to be going well so I wanted to make sure everything was going well at Sharky’s. I do remember in fact letting someone on the computer to play Canadian music from youtube which was no problem at all. Most of our staff was busy serving and helping out customers that I don’t remember anyone from our staff running the music.

Now if it was one of the staff at Sunset who insulted you and your girlfriend that issue will be addressed and we are very sorry about that experience you had last night.  I would really like to see everyone who walks through the door leave happy so please let me buy you a beer, your girlfriend and whomever you were with that also had a bad experience to say that we are REALLY SORRY about last night.

I printed out 25-3 page quizzes last night and they were all gone in a couple hours, I guess I should have printed out more, that was my bad and I take responsible for that.  And, yes I should have printed out a a different quiz than last year, again my bad.

I really do try to run a good place at Sunset, and I really want to apologize again on behalf of myself, my staff and everyone at Sunset.  I really do hope you will give us another chance to make up for this mistake and make it right.  Believe me,   this really saddens me as I have tried to do my best at Sunset and anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I try to go the extra mile to make sure people leave the bar/restaurant happy.

I would really like the opportunity to make up for this, my personal phone number is 010-7128-2959, please call me if you ever have a problem at any of my places again or want to take me up on that beer.  Sorry about that bro.



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Thanks Mike. 

I said it was the owner because friends who go there more than I do said it was. They certainly could have been mistaken. It could have been someone else, though they were certainly staff. 

As for things like the quiz, no biggie. I was just angry and drunk when I got home. All in all, I'm still not too keen on going back, (natural feeling when you have a bad experience somewhere), but I'm quite willing to concede that it was an isolated incident. 

As for the rest of you, mock Bare Naked Ladies at your own peril! 

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There is definately a need for another foreigner owned bar in Haeundae. There used to be but not anymore. I am not sure why but... Paying 7bucks for beers that cost 2-3 at homeplus kills me. And this is everywhere, not just Sunset. As for this thread, well, every bar is the same. They try to make money on the backs of ideas that are not their own and instead of realizing this and giving back to the people, they mess something up. No need to post on here because of that, though. Do you post stuff when your steak is cold at Outback?

As for saying sorry, bar owners here should be saying sorry for over charging for drinks. Bottles of junk booze cost 9 bucks so getting drinks for 3 or 4 bucks is still a rip off. And this is every bar. Commander and Forever bottles of gin, run. and vodka are like 9 bucks each. Do the math. Guess this is really not about Sunset but rather drink prices everywhere but whatever. Cheers!

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I've only been to Sunset once and it wasn't on Canada Day--I'm one of those Canadian stereotypes (the boring person!), so I chose to stay home, have a beer with the dog (he actually had ice water...I swear!), and listen to my own tunes.  However, the one time I did go to Sunset, the staff were exceptionally friendly and kind and the grub was great cure for the homesickness.  Being new in town, I only went to Sunset because they had a meetup event and the fact that the staff went out of their way to be friendly to the gal who showed up alone, was SO appreciated!

Despite the lameness of my social life, I will most likely go out of my way to visit again, simply due to the owner's response.  If I'm being really wild, I may even bring a few new friends with me!

Here's hoping the canucks who had a bad time and the owner can patch this up.  Maybe Sunset can host an entire night of alternating Joan Jett and BNL tunes...I'll drink with the dog that night, though!

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Perhaps I am biased since Mikey is one of my best friends, but I think the service there is awesome, and like Tharp, I find it is a little hard to swallow there was any intentional rudeness.

I'd take Mikey up on the free beer and give it another go.

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I know Mike personally and have been to the Sunsent many of times, and to think that he or his staff would be willfully rude to ANYONE is a bit much to swallow. Mike runs a tight ship:  As he writes, he's interested in everyone having a good time and he would never go out of his way to be a dick.

As for Barenaked Ladies?  Well, they are truly awful, and if I was Canadian I wouldn't be clamoring for their tunes.  I'm American and you'll never hear me requesting Matchbox 20 or Creed, for example.  Terrible music transcends borders.

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@John Venerikson

Just so you know, bars can't sell their beers at the same prices as Home Plus or other shops because they have to pay an additional tax for use in bars.  Also, if you want to drink 2,000 won beers then stay home and drink.  When you go to a bar you are paying for the atmosphere as well as the drink.  The owner has a lot of overhead (Electric, heat/air, staff, rent, etc.) so drinks are more expensive. If your over 21 you should know this already. [insult deleted]

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Yo Crack. Are you for real? Use your brain man! I know how bars work. All I am saying is when beers cost the bar only 2500 I dont think it is necessary to sell them for 7000. Mark up on wines for example at good restaurants are around 80 to 90%. You are saying the atmosphere at Sunset is so good (and I did say all bars) they can mark up stuff over 100%? Seems a little steep. Goes back to what the first person wrote and that was where are all the people gone. Perhaps Sunset needs to lower prices because they are too expensive for people making 2mil. It used to be busy and now it is not. Why? Better places to drink? Places which are better located? Places that have better prices? They have split their biz between two places so now they are half as busy? Who knows but I was merely making an observation as I do not go there but if you use your brain the intent is pretty clear. I am not knocking anyone or bar but rather, wondering along with the person who started this thread-where are all the people gone and putting out ideas as to why they are gone? Just making conversation my good man! I think another bar with better prices would be good for all. You dont agree with that? Bud is just over a buck a bottle but bars sell it for 5 or 6. To me that is just crazy but again, that is just me. Probably why I do not go to bars! Cheers!

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From someone who has been a partner at two bars in Haeundae I can tell you, it is not cheap to buy beers from vendors here and so on. It actually costs more than if buying them from Homeplus. You would think it would be less but it is not. It is almost like these liquor peeps are buying it from Homeplus and then reselling it to make a profit. Crazy here. Sunset is a good place and their prices are not worse than any other place. Things here are just that expensive. What can you do?

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Yeah, I say get to the root of this particular incident and find out who it was, exactly.  Sunset doesn't really have room for those kinds of people.  It's an unfortunate incident, to be sure, but it certainly isn't indicative of the kind of experiences I've had at Sunset.

Also, I think this whole thing could have been avoided if somebody would've just requested Sam Roberts instead.  :P

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@john v.   what hole do you live in?  

have you even been to bars in most cities in any other country?  it's pretty much standard that prices at a bar will be at least double of what you would pay for buying your beverages at a store.    

also, don't know if you noticed, but when you go to a restaurant, you usually pay more than twice for a meal than if you bought the items and prepared it yourself.

i hope your not one of those 'people' that gripes about the prices to the people he's with while they're all trying to have a good time.  if the prices bother you, stay at home and enjoy not being sociable--or i guess you could go sit out front at family mart, but that's another topic:  http://koreabridge.net/discussion/korean-convenience-store-patio-dining