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Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

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Muay Thai, Hapkido, Tae-Kwon-do, Judo, Komdo.

I want to make a list of martial arts dojos in the Busan Area. 

Jangjundong (next to PNU): 

Muay Thai. 11-11. Speaks enough English. Hapkido. Night time. English?

Meungyongdong (two stops aways from PNU):

Muay Thai: 3-11. Speaks enough English.
Master Yoon's English Hapkido School in Gueumnyeonsan (Gwangalli Beach)

Adult classes in English 10-11am/ 8-9pm/ 9:30-10:30pm
Please keep this list going. 

I hear there is Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Korean Kung Fu and Kumdo not too far from Gwangali but I dont know exactly 

Please help build this martial arts list so we can give new teachers alternatives to the art of liver destruction. laugh.gif 
There is also a Hapkido dojang in Haeundae New Town I've read about:

What are martial arts are in the Haeundae area?
There's pretty much everything in Haeundae. Muay Thai, hapkido, Kumdo, TkD, WuShu...

The problem is finding a class with a bit of English that isn't packed with six year olds.
asian sensation
The Brazilian Jui Jitsu dojo is located in Daeyon- dong, Leave from Exit 6 walk up the stairs and go straight, the first block you can make a right, do ( there is a travel agent on the corner) once you are on that block walk down, not the first block but the second, make a right, it is right there on the corner next to KTF place. It is written in English BJJ it might say Kung-fu or something but its BJJ. They train MMA too. They have a handful of professional mma fighters. The instructors go to Brazil every year. I have been training with them for about 5 months. I use to train at a Renzo Gracie school back in the states. If you want to get into MMA it is a great start, or if you just want to fcuk around then that's fine too. The instructors speak a good amount of English. If you have any questions, send me message. Everyone who trains there is quite friendly.
I have tried to find both of these places but haven't had any luck -- can anyone provide accurate, detailed directions to both of these locations --- from maybe the subway stations?
I have tried to find both of these places but haven't had any luck -- can anyone provide accurate, detailed directions to both of these locations --- from maybe the subway stations

When you are at Janjungdong (sp), which is the subway stop after PNU, walk out the main entrance in the middle of the station. 

Stay on the PNU side of the river, not the Emart side of the river. Cross the street at the stop light. Walk up the street that is perpendicular to the station. Stay on the right side of the road. Walk past two Gim bab stores. Right after the second Gim bab store, there is the Muay Thai place. Its in the basement. There is a PC Bong on the second floor and a Gym on the third floor. Tell him Bob sent you. 

The other Muay Thai place is located behind the Lotte Department store. Its more difficult to find. Stay to the right of the Department store after getting off the subway and crossing the street. Walk to the road that runs behind it. Turn left. Its on the fourth or fifth floor of a building and the building has a glass elevator that protrudes from the rest of the building. There is a gym on the first floor. 

If this doesnt work, PM me.
Also, does anyone know where the muay thai gyms are around Jangsan? 

And while I'm at it, has anyone heard of any Arnis/Silat/Escrima/Stick Fighting in the Pusan area???

-Master Yoon's English Hapkido School-
Subway stop 209 (Gwangan), walk straight out exit #3, it will be a few blocks on your left on the second floor. There is a big sign.

Adult classes in English 10-11am/ 8-9pm/ 9:30-10:30pm

He speaks excellent English

60,000 Won 3 x week / 80,000 Won 5 x week

-K-1 / Muay Thai between Emart and Sfunz-
From Emart, head towards Sfunz going through the pedestrian tunnel. Cross through them on the side opposite Emart. At the first light after the tunnel, make a right. After the train tracks, there is a fork or Y in the road. Look left at this fork. There is a small sign that reads K-1. It is in the basement of that building. There are pictures in the stair well.

Classes are at 4, 6, 8, and 10. M-Sat. 60,000 Won 3x Week / 80,000 Won 5 or 6 x a week.

Speaks very little English.

-Tae San Muay Thai - Jangsan-
From Primus, looking at Top Mart/2001 Outlet, head right (away from the subway station). There will be a building with a Mr. Pizza in it. Head up the escalators. It is on the top floor. 


(this building is across from the Hwamok building, which also has Hapkido, there is a link with more information already in this thread.)

Hope these help!
Hey Acorn, thanks for the heads up on K-1 near SfunZ....are there any other people here on this forum that go to this dojo?
Its literally a two minute walk from my place so I'd like to check it out...Anyone care to share what this place is like?

Does anyone know how to get to any of the Muay Thai gyms from Song-do, or Nampo-dong. I just moved here and really want to get back into training as soon as possible. If anyone is down to come with me, that'd be dope. As then there would be at least one (assuming) other English speaker there. 

I have a bunch of phone numbers for yudo dojangs spread around Busan. The problem is that i can't find any that offer classes before 2pm, other than this one guy that offers private lessons for 200k a month. (too expensive). I'll repost later with numbers. let me know if anyone is interested in classes. One place in Haeundae area said that they would open a new class before 2pm if there were enough people to sign up for it.
If you are interested in Muay Thai, I go to a great gym in YeonSan Dong, and my master recently opened a new gym in Haeundae - JangSan Station, Exit 2. It's in the same building as KangSan Travel on the same floor!

For directions - see the website: www.tsgym.net (it's in Korea, but call me or have a korean teacher help you out)

YeonSanDong Gym: Very friendly gym people and the trainer speaks some English. He is currently ranked 2nd in Korea in his weight division. We have showers, 5 big bags, all equipment and a nice ring. All the fighters train here, so it’s really active at night time and exciting. I've been to a lot of gyms in the city for fights, and this one is clearly superior.

JangSan Gym: I've only worked out there once. It's a smaller gym, but brand new and nice interior quality. There are two medium bags. This gym is perfect for learning to advanced-intermediate level training. The real Master is here, and he was the Korean champ and did 4-5 months in Muay Thai Camps in Thailand. He's one of the best people I've met in Korea - really warm-hearted guy, but tough as nails! He was a referee at the recent K1 World GP in Seoul, and he's always on TV in Korea for fights.

The master and trainer are both Korean Muay Thai champs and my trainer recently fought and won in K1 max in Seoul. My master refereed it... They've also fought and trained in Thailand for over 6 months. Our sub-trainer is one fight away from being the Korean junior champion. We are fight-oriented, but you can decide what exactly you want. Actually, they let me fight after a year, which was an amazing experience!

Monday = boxing
Tuesday = kicks + knees + elbows
Wed = defence combinations
Th = attack combinations
F = fitness and sparring (once you have the nerve!)

It's 90,000/month and you can go whenever you want. 
YeonSan-Dong: 4, 630, 730, 9, 10:30.
JangSan: 10am, 1, 4:30, 6, 7:30, 9, 10:30.

Muay Thai is seriously an amazing sport. Hapkido isn’t bad, but in a real fight I'd rather know Muay Thai. Tae-Kwon-Do is completely useless, unless you just want flexibility and dance training - I'd recommend Yoga over it. Muay Thai usually has more mature gym members as well. After a long day of teaching kids at an academy, do you want to spend your evenings exercising with them as well? J 

Also, for weight loss, I dropped 8 kilos in 2 months, then 4 after that...and I’ve seen amazing physical results in members over my last two years of training. One of my best friends who is now in Seoul showed up with a small beer belly, and had abs in under three months. 

If you are interested, email me or call me.
[email protected]
There is a Muay Thai Gym in Hwamyoung dong as well kitty corner from Lotte mart. Gym is located on 2nd floor accross from Baskin Robins. The instructor has good enough english.
For anyone interested in Hapkido, here is the flyer for the English hapkido school in Gwangan.
There is a Muay Tai gym sort of next to Mega Mart in Daeyeon/ Namcheon. I could get more details if anyone is interested. Haven't been myself but heard good reports about the place.

I'm looking for Wu Shu or any other kind of Chinese style martial art in the Daeyeon/ Namcheon area. Does anyone know a place?
Happypillz, thx for the Hwamyoung Muay Thai tip off. that is about 5 mninutes form me. haha. Most of the other places are far away, but I think I will check out this one this week. Prolly more fun than the gym.
Sorry, I meant exit #5! Oops. For some reason I cant edit that post, so I'm just replying to it.

just wondering if anyone knows where i can do hapkido in or near deokcheon??

The Muay Thai sessions in Haeundae - are those price per week or per month? Anyone know of any Muay Thai/kickboxing in/around Dongnae/Myeongnyun-dong?
I read in another older forum that several people had been doing capoeira at the PNU basketball courts. Does anyone know if this is still going on? If not, anyone interested in getting together with me and starting a new group?
Hey all, I'm looking for a Chinese martial art in Pusan...Haeunde area if at all possible. I'd much prefer to practice Tai Chi or Wing Chung, so anyone has any idea where I could dig up either of those it would be incredibly helpful! Thanks much!
matt sid
I did a quick search on line in Korean for Tai Chi, which is known as 태극권 Tae Geuk Gweon. My search found nothing in Haeundae, but got 2 hits for other areas of town, namely Jung Gu (the district NampoDong is in) and GeumJeong Gu, which is out beyond PNU. Both nowhere near Haeundae I know, but they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Here are the addresses of both.

부산태극권전문체육- Busan Tai Chi Specialist Training

Tel : 051-465-5951

주소 : 부산시 중구 대창동2가 Busan, Jung Gu, Dae, Chang Dong 2 Ga

-부산태극권체육관-Busan Tai Chi Training School.

Tel : 051-581-9588

주소 : 부산시 금정구 장전1동 Busan, Geumjeong 1 Dong

There is also the Tai Chi association of Korea http://taichi.or.kr/new/index.jsp, with the help of a Korean you might be able to find something on there.

Couldn't find a single thing on Wing Chung though.
I'm interested in doing BJJ. How much does it cost? And what times do they train?
Hey I know it isn't a martial art...but it's along the same lines.

Does anyone know of a yoga class before 2pm with an english speaking teacher near or around yangjeong?
Hello! I am new to Pusan and I would like to start taking Hapkido classes. I know that there is the English school in Gwangon area, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a school closer to the Dongdaeshin area (around subway stop 108). English is not necessary, but I don't speak Korean, so they would have to be willing to have a foreign student with limited Korean skills.

matt sid
Check out the yoga threads, the first one is in Seomyeon which is fairly close to you I think!



Hello, I'm very new to Pusan. This may actually be a dumb question, but any Tae Kwon Do studios by PNU subway station, or Janggeon subway station?
I have very limited Korean skills, but quite a bit of TKD experience. Does anybody know where I can find what I'm looking for? dry.gif
I'm also interested in some foreigner-friendly martial arts or boxing around the PNU-Janjeondong-Kuseodong area. 

I've been doing some research and here's what I've come up with:

Prices: 90-100K/month (5 days/week) 30K uniform. sometimes free bus service.
Times: starting at 8-9:30PM most places. adult/semi-adult (aka: study with middle/high school students)
Language: Only Korean in the north Pusan area...
PNU Clubs: can't seem to get a hold of them...
You might want to try where I go. It is at Bumchun Rotary and if you are not familiar with the area well it is on the across the tracks from Hyundai Department Store. I do not speak much Korean either but the teacher is very patient and understanding. If you want send me a pm and we can talk about it more. Perhaps we can meet one afternoon or evening and just go there together.
Thank you so much for your help. I actually started going to a TKD school that is only about 10 mins. walk from me, they allowed me to use own 
uniform, and it's 80K won a month. Thanks just the same! laugh.gif
backpacker acker
Can anyone recommend a Tae-kwan-do or Hapkido place near Samyeon (sp?)
I just moved here a few weeks ago and the tiny fitness center by my place isn't quite cutting it.


9 stops away from Seomyeon is Master Yoon's English Hapkido. I travel 9 stops to get there from Jangsan, and it takes about 17 mins. I've been doing it for a year. There is more info on this thread in an earlier post. Check it out! We need more students!
Does anyone know of any Judo, wrestling, sambo or BJJ gyms in Busan? I know there is a BJJ place in Daeyon dong. Any knowledge or contact details would be great!!
I just wanted to post a note about a yoga studio I have found. May already have been written about on here, BUT - It took me two months to find a yoga place, and it was not from info on here. 
At Myeongyun-dong - go out exit two away from Lotte. Turn right, walk about ten / twenty meters, look directly up at building which is kind of on a corner, you will see a painting of a woman doing a back bend on the the fourth floor-ish. The entrance is around the other side of the building. Go up to fourth floor (it says fifth tho) and you will find it, beautiful little studio.
Did you see my post above? It is also rather close to Somyeon, sometimes I will even walk there afterwards to have dinner and maybe shop before getting the subway home.
I've been in Pusan for a week and want to start martial arts. I started researching it and it seems like Muay Thai would be pretty cool. Can someone recommend to me a place near Pukyong National University where I could start classes I saw something about a place next to Megamart but don't know much about their reputation. Thanks much for your input..
The Skipster
im in nampodong and my work starts at around 3 does anyone know of martial arts that start in the morning
asian sensation
Anyone know where Team MAD MMA is located?
If anyone is interested in weight loss, physical fitness, self defense and/or actual fighting, they should try a 
vacation at a Muay Thai gym on the island of Phuket, Thailand. I lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months, met some
really nice people, learned a lot. Cheap food, friendly people, beautiful beaches. Will do it again, for a longer
stay the next time around: 

Check out Rawaimuaythai.com 

There is also Tiger Muay Thai, which has MMA, BBJ, and there are several other gyms.
I'm also curious about weight training while martial arts training. When I was in Thailand, we had two sessions
a day, lasting at least two hours each, with anothe hour or two of bike riding, mountain, power walking or running. I did some weight training there but it was mostly for maintaining muscle mass, not growth. My weight was 107 Kgs, not 93kgs,
looking to be 83kgs before returning to Thailand. 

I used to love weight lifting but now I find that TOO much mass can be a hindrance to speed. Also, exercises like curls
have to real application in fighting. Plus, I have to rest my arms for a day or two after any serious bicep, tricep, shoulder, back or chest exercises, which means no Muay Thai. But some days I have such an urge to hit the weights. 

My buddy from Australia introduced me to this trainer's website: www.rosstraining.com and www.rossboxing.com
The guy is sick. Doesn't do too much traditional weight lifting but he can do 500 consecutive squats without stopping (yeah,
I can do 40) as well as ONE LEG SQUATS!. Check out some of his videos. Very helpful for boxing, muay thai, TKD, not as much as so for Hapkido, but he does emphazise over and over the importance of powerful legs and balance. 

These days I"ll strech for 20 minutes, jump rope for five rounds, shadow box for 5 rounds, hit the bags for 5 rounds and ideally spar or do combos with a partner. In between rounds I'll do push ups, finish with sit ups, and choose to do chin ups or pull ups between rounds. Ideally, two hours. 

I'm thinking about only doing Muay Thai on Mod, Wed, Fri and Sat, then doing cardio on Tues and Thurs, with lots of push ups, sit ups, leg raises and squats. Need to get my legs stronger. 

What do you do for weight training as well as cardio?
Chief Meaty
There's nothing wrong with weight training. When done right (squats and deadlifts) it can be quite beneficial. And it's not the lifting weights that make you bulky it's your diet. The key to weight lifting is to have a plan. Are you lifting for strength, muscle endurance or hypertrophy?

Ross is awesome. Do you have any of his books? One thing I noticed is that he may not use weights but he does use some sort resistance like sandbags, weighted vests and kegs. You can easily make a home gym... I did. I went out and got a sledgehammer, a few tires, some rope and a medicine ball. I don't have any his books but there's enough info on the web to put together your own plan. Just buy some equipment, bring the stuff up to your roof and there you go. 

I'm pretty out of shape and slowly getting into shape. I go boxing a few times a week, hit the gym a couple of times (or bring the sledgehammer and medicine ball to the roof) and have slowly started jogging... well more like walk-jog-walk-jog.

About Sports Jujitsu and Belt Wrestling
you can visit www.kjjbwf.org
Korea Jujitsu Belt Wrestling Federation
280 Choryang-2-Dong Dong-Gu
Busan South Korea
Phone no 0082-51-904-1021(Korean)
Phone no 0082-10-7571-0786(English)
Fax no 0082-51-514-1011
[email protected]
[email protected] 
They Just introduce Sports Jujitsu and Belt Wrestling in Korea last year.
I've been training at Bu-Kwang Muay Thai in Myoungnyun-dong for about six months now. Gwanjangnim Kang speaks good enough English to get his points across; there's a wide mix of people who use the gym, from a few semi-professional fighters, to a couple of women and some schoolkids. I'm the only foreigner there at the moment. I've had three formal sparring matches, with my first full fight next month. Tuition is 90,000 a month, with the gym open 1-11 on weekdays and 12-4 on Saturdays. It's not the newest or biggest gym around, but it does have a really friendly atmosphere, and gwanjangnim often goes out of his way organising stuff like cardio conditioning in the mountains or driving people to far-away matches.

If you come out of Myoungnyun-dong station exit 2, turn right and walk about 100 metres to the crossroad (you should be facing towards Dongnae station with LotteMart on your right). Turn left (towards Dongnae market, slightly downhill) and walk about 300 metres; you'll see Bu-Kwang on your left, in the same building as a piano hagwon, next to a Chinese restaurant. If anyone wants any more help with getting here or has any questions, just send me a pm.
Peekay, it was nice meeting you at the fight. If you ever want to Spar, hit me up. 

Also, where and when will the next fight be? I would like to check it out.
Chief Meaty wrote 

There's nothing wrong with weight training. When done right (squats and deadlifts) it can be quite beneficial. And it's not the lifting weights that make you bulky it's your diet. The key to weight lifting is to have a plan. Are you lifting for strength, muscle endurance or hypertrophy?

I used to lift for size and strength, now just utility and strengh. I'm trying to reduce my body fat (but I love rice and bread), bulk up my quads and hamstrings and build a strong core. I dislike running on flat surfaces but I enjoy running up hill so for cardio I'm going to run up the hill to the PNU stadium, run some laps and then sprint up the stands, if it's cold, power walk, jog on the incline running machine. Do Muay Thai everyday and do lots of push up, sit ups, pull ups, chin ups, etc....but throw it some power lifting days. I really want to get out of current weight bracket because I'll get killed if I fight someone at my weight and who is mostly muscle. 

I have one of Ross's books, the Warrior's Guide to Fitness, but nothing else. The guy is inspirational.

There is a former Korean Muay Thai champion at my gym, who is trying out for K1 up in Seoul later this month. He also
is a judo/yudo pracitioner. I'm trying to get him to give private lessons for 30,000 won if anybody is interested.
No idea yet where the matches are gonna be next week - I'll ask 관장님 tomorrow. I'm definitely up for a bit of sparring, I often feel like a bit of a bully sparring with some of the smaller lads at the gym - be good to spar with someone a bit bigger. Week after next I'm off to Phuket (Pattong?) so I'll definitely try and get at least a day's training in there. Any gym recommendations? We should spar when I get back.
Pattong---ehhh. Check out Rawai Muay Thai, Tiger Muay Thai or Sinbi--they are 20-30 minutes from Pattong on
the southern part of the island. If you go to Rawai, talk to Danny, Nui, Jo Jo or Dianne--they are all good people. 

Check out a fight in Pattong, too. Bangala Stadium. 

Martial Arts in Busan


Chief Meaty

Cool. I imagine the hill sprints and stands must be tough. I can barely do one regular sprint.
horoshoya article
Hi All, 
I have another post on this but thought this thread would have more luck.
Has anyone seen this old friend of mine, Shin Yul Da?
I knew him from 1982 in Pusan but lost contact about 10 years ago after he moved.
There are a few interesting links below but this guy has also lost contact with Shin Yul Da.
Last I heard he was living in the mountains.
Any help in contacting him would be greatly appreciated!

Brush Painter Shin Yul-da
The Art in the Martial Arts
by Robert Young

Shin Yul Da

A link from the first picture:

Another link about Shin Yul Da:
Hapkido/Kuk Sool Won

Found in Dongnae Market: 6 minute walk from Mega Mart

Little difficult to find, but I can give directions if anyone asks. The times are from 10am-11pm, but I do not have the prices yet.

The school is actually better than I had anticipated. He (the owner) opened up a special class in the morning for us, and does an excellent job with the training. We start at 11am, do warm-ups and stretching, then get into the martial art aspect. His English is lacking, but it is not necessary once you get going. 

This studio also doubles as a gym. I was quite impressed. The basement is a full gym, and it has enough weight for Westerners. The cost is 85,000 the first month, that includes the uniform, and then 80,000 a month after that. 
I just started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Dongcheonbaeksan (http://cafedaumnet/tozikoreabjj) in Yonghodong (near Kyungsung area). The instructor (Jun Young Park) is great as he was the first BJJ Black belt in Korea and can speak a fair amount of English. He offers classes both in the mornings and evenings. I go to the 11am-12pm session and it's a great bunch of people who train there. I am not sure at what time the evening session is offered but you can reach him at 051-902-6654 or [email protected]


Hey guys.  An English website

Hey guys.  An English website for Tozi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team Korea is up and running.  www.koreabjj.com  

The instructor is Park Jun  Young (first Korean BJJ black belt), and the gym is part of Dong Cheon Bek San.  I have been doing jiu-jitsu for a couple of years now (I've trained in a couple of different countries), and can tell you that his instruction is top notch.  Gi and no gi classes are available.  Come check us out.


Near Mega mart

Can anyone give me directions to the muay thai gym close to megamart in daeyeon/namchung??



Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

I just started training with Team MAD MMA a couple of weeks ago.  It is an awesome gym with a very good coach.  The gym is located in Dongdaesin.  If you take line 1 to Dondaesin (stop 108) and take exit 1 out of the station, the gym is located in an alley about 600 meters up the road.

Also, here's the website:  http://cafe.daum.net/leeba3

Mon,Wed and Fri is Jiu-Jitsu

Tues and Thurs is kickboxing and conditioning

Classes are at 6:00 and 8:00 pm

100,000 for one month

240,000 for three months

20,000 registration fee

Tell them Chris sent you.

Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

Hey. I live in Nampo so I was thinking I might join? I have no experience with any of this sort of thing I mainly just want something to get me in shape. Are there many foreigners there already if so which class do you guys go to and does the instructor speak English? Thanks in advance. 

Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

I train on Wednesdays and Fridays at the 9:00 p.m./10:00 p.m. class.  Right now, I'm the only foreigner, because the gym just barely opened.  The instructor speaks English, and there is a purple belt that works at the gym that speaks English well.  If you are looking for something to get you into shape, BJJ will do the trick. 

Also, BJJ is very hands on. He will go over techniques in English as well as Korean when he is teaching, but it isn't a big deal.  I've been training BJJ here in Busan for four years.  If you have any more questions let me know.  Send me a PM, and I can meet up with you at the gym.  Hope to train with you soon.  Take care. 

Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

Just wanted to let everyone know that a Kyokushin Karate place just opened up in Haeundae.  It's near Emart, Jung-dong station exit 5.  Come out and walk straight.  It's on the first floor of the same building as Paris Baguette, on your left.  

I haven't visited, just walked by it a few times.

Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

-ITF Taekwon-Do and Kyokushin Karate

There is ITF Taekwon-Do dojangs in Pukyeong,Suan and Jangjeon.

The Pukyeong place is a dance and yoga studio.

The Suan and Jangjeon places are also Kyokushin Dojangs that have MMA training and weight equipment there.

Suan and Jangjeon are around the PNU area.

The head master of the Kyokushin Karate classes is the Asian champion for Kyokushin.He has a few instructors working there who speak English well.

The two instructors for Taekwon-Do are westerners, south american champions who speak English fluently.

The ITF classes are for adults only. no children.

For directions you can email Santiago at [email protected]

Hapkido in Jangyu

I just arrived in Jangyu, Gimhae yesterday and am looking for a hapkido class for beginners, preferably attached to a Gym I can join.

Any help would be much appreciated!!


Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list


There is a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym located near Pusan National University.  BJJ and cross fit classes are offered all day (morning and night) Monday-Saturday.  English is spoken. 

The gym is owned and operated by Noh Young-ahm who is one of only four certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts here in Busan.   He is a pupil under Park Jun-young (Roberto Tozi black belt) Chae In-muck, and Sung Hee-yong (black belts under Marco Barbosa). 

Young -ahm just won the ADCC trials (the most prestigious no gi competition in the world) last year, and is also an ex-professional MMA fighter.  He even fought UFC fighter Kim Dong-huynh in Spirit MC (a Korean fight organization).  Heis  also an accomplished BJJ tournament player.  Young-ahm has returned after a few years of living in Seoul and teaching at Cube MMA.

BJJ LAB official website:


Here is a short interview with him and some videos:


Gym pictures:




Gym Directions:

The Jiu-Jitsu Lab is located near PNU. From Busan subway: Take the red line to PNU. Go out exit 3# and walk straight. When you get to the main road take a right (there will be a Starbuck's on the corner) and walk straight. The Jiu-Jitsu Lab is located directly in front and across the street from Tous Les Jours. It is located on the fifth floor in the same building as ABC Mart and Love in Busan Guest House.


Re: Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

I am a female looking for a BJJ class.

I am near Dongnae-gu, about 25 min from hyundae and Gwangan beach, (where I heard there are a lot of gyms for martial arts. 

I dont know any BJJ gyms, or where they are located, and if they are female friendly as well

**also i need classes in the morning because i work 230-9