looking for a harley shop

I am looking to buy some Harley merchandise to send to the bikers in my life back home.

Please, let me know if you know of any Harley shops, or any stores that may sell t-shirts.


There is one up in Seoul in

There is one up in Seoul in Hannam Dong. It's close to Hangangjin Station. Sorry, if you were thinking more along the lines of Busan. Best of luck.


There's a place in Seomyeon. If you walk down the road toward Beomnaegol until you get to Kyobo book store it's directly across the street.  I don't know if they deal in merchandise but they certainly deal in the bikes. Definitly worth a try though.

I passed a bike shop in

I passed a bike shop in Jangsan that had a harley sign on the side.  That could mean anything, but it looked like a shop that works on bigger bikes and might sell some accessories.

It was on the main road through Jangsan that runs from the Culture Center to Jung-dong station.  If you're coming from the culture center it should be on your right sort of tucked in behind some buildings but visible from the street.  I think it was close to topmart but don't remember exactly.

There's a place in Alak-dong

There's a place in Alak-dong (near Dongnae) that seems to specialize in Harleys and big bikes.  Go through the intersection, past the shrine, and it's on your left.

... but it you want to send

... but it you want to send Harley stuff to people back home, why not do it online?  I'm sure Harley Davidson has a merch website that does some kind of delivery.