Gecko's breakfast?

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Gecko's breakfast?

 Didn't wanna continue the hijack of the filet mignon turned fish & chips thread! Hope to hear more there, but was just curious if someone could elaborate on the breakfast/brunch situation at Gecko's. Planning on coming over from the PNU area Sat morn, so any info on the menu or hours would be appreciated.

Jeff, how about a separate "Food & Eats" type forum here like there used to be? That was always my favorite place to visit on Pweb!

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breakfest menu is as

breakfest menu is as follows.: ( forgive if i forget anything)

Steak and Eggs, with hashbrowns. price was about 20,000 i belive

Panckaes with fruits. I.E blueberries, etc.

Tradional breakfest ( sausage, hasbrowns, eggs, bacon, etc)

French toast

other things I may of forgot.

The general range of food besides the steak and eggs was 8,000-15,000 won

The breakfest is over at 230.


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Food & Eats Forum

Thought it would be easier to answer with a screencast.

Links to sections mentioned

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Thx for the info

 Thanks, bird, for the Gecko's info, and Jeff thanks so much for that informative screencast. Sorry, I didn't notice the "Common Topics" section over on the side. It's logical and intuitive..I was just so accustomed to the old style.

I'm not much of a techie, but I am a foodie, so I'll try to contribute a webcast or podcast as you mentioned if I can figure it out..


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What time does it open for brekkie? anything early?

I suppose it is too much to hope for a restaurant who opens early in the morning and has a real Western breakfast..

Do anyone know of one? (other than the ruinously expensive hotels)

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Re:Screen cast

Nah Jeff,

The answering with a screen cast idea is both ridiculous and far from easy.  I don't understand why you think people would rather click on a video and endure however many minutes of some guy talking about irrelevent uninteresting bollocks (extreme example) when they could spend less than 5 seconds scanning a text post for the answer they want.

Of course I've probably spent more time replying here that it would have taken to watch the video but it's the principle.  Video = massive inconvenience.

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What dogarse said.

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Define 'ruinous' Hotel Homers

Define 'ruinous' Hotel Homers has (had?) a breakfast buffet from 7-10 I think on Sundays. It was about 12 bucks for all you can eat. That's not breaking the bank in my opinion.