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I need help. I had some business person come to Korea to purchase some items - to be precise shoes in bulk. He stuffed a container full of them. Too bad upon reaching his country, he learnt that quite a number were damaged and wrongly paired rendering them useless. 

A korean friend is the one who introduced me to the suppliers. Now when I call him to claim for the spoilt shoes, all he tells me is that the supplier no longer picks up his phone which to me sounds a little bit weird owing to the fact that before, he had direct link to them. 

We feel cheated in the deal and really need a refund for the bad shoes. Please advise me on how to go about the issue. The businessman is currently not around but I feel oblidged to follow it up for him owing to the fact that I was the one who introduced them.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance

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Good day,

Hello, My name is Zara, I just want to inquire about my case. I am 3 years overstay here in South Korea and fell inlove with a Korean guy. We’re on our first year relationship and he really wants to marry me here. I just want to ask if how much will it cost to pay my fine and hopefully have a married visa without going back to my country. I pray that you will response. Thank you.

extending D2 visa for a day

My son is on a D2 visa in Korea. He is a student at KAIST. He was scheduled to leave Korea on the 19th of June. Due to flight changes he can not leave until the 20th. Does he need to apply to extend his visa?