Reporting Scammer to Police - Looking for Similar Expierences

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Unfortunately, a scammer recently attempted to deceive a Koreabridge user selling something in the classified section. The scammer appeared to be a reasonable buyer at first, but concocted a story about needing to use unusual payment methods, presented what appeared to be documentation of payment, and tried to extract fees in order to release payment. 

The Koreabridge user is pursuing the matter with the police and looking for anyone else who has had a similar experience. In particular, they'd like to include email exchanges as part of the evidence against the scammer.  If you have encountered anything like this, please contact [email protected]


Updated Scam Warnings - 2021


If it's happened to you, the time is now

I will be going to the police station in Seomyon on Friday. If anyone is in Busan and has had this experience, please come with evidence at 9:00. Doesn't matter how old the evidence is.