Fines for Overstaying a Visa

After calling immigration, and being told that there were no fines (definitely wrong, but that's the person you want to speak to if you have violated the law, ha), I looked them up and here they are for you.  Although current as of August 19th 2014, please note these can be changed easily by immigration.

Overstay period                       Fine (KRW)
Less than 3 months                100,000 - 500,000
Less than 1 year                    500,000 - 2 million
Less than 2 years                  2 million - 4 million
2 years or more                    4 million - 20 million

It appears the thinking was that every three months is worth about 500,000 won, and that each year is worth about 2 million won, although there is substantial discretion for officers, particularly in the last, largest category.  Like any order, a fine is subject to a court review if you are willing to expend the money and time.

Immigration Control Act, Regulations, Attachment 7 (Standards for Determining the Amount of Fines), enacted February 29, 2012.
출입국관리법 시앵규칙 [ 별포 7] < 2012.2.29> 별표 개정 범칙금의 양정기준



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Re: Overstayed as Tourist

I was arrested oct 27 got prison for 5days nov 2 2016 for overstaying in korea i was a tourist there for years but then i had a job and stayed over the due date of my visa. Now i am currently working in the philippines as a exec. Operation in a company who handles reservations I wanted to know if there is a chance or when can i come back to korea and legally work or for tour again? Looking forward for feedback. Thank you very much

Re: Overstayed as Tourist

I think you can write to immigration. They have QnA. I know my mate was banned for 10 years, but I think that was working here, not visiting.

Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

Good day,

Hello, My name is Zara, I just want to inquire about my case. I am 3 years overstay here in South Korea and fell inlove with a Korean guy. We’re on our first year relationship and he really wants to marry me here. I just want to ask if how much will it cost to pay my fine and hopefully have a married visa without going back to my country. I pray that you will response. Thank you.

Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

They have Amnesties sometimes. Consideration for special circumstances, but I think you will be run out of here for a while.

Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

hello zara my name is gabriel

my advise to you is:

fisrt step go to your ambassy take one paper that could show you are not married in your country second step you have to go to city hall you and your boyfriend make marie papers registration third you have to go to immigration with your husband together and pay your fine but 3 years is too much better you go back with your husband and take marie visa in your country and comeback together before march 2019 it wouldnt be complicate 


Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

Hello. I've been overstaying  for 4 months in Korea with tourist visa. As you know, there is an amnesty period until March 31. But according to the only info published on immigration website, there will be no entry regulations. There is no info such about paying fine. Do i have to pay any fine if i want to voluntarely leave within the amnesty period? And the amounts you posted are from August 2014, are there any changes on these? 

Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

Hi Sir., I want to ask and consult regarding on my concern about what happened to my boyfriend., He was go in Busan to process his visa last May 15 2019 he came back Thursday to complete the process and medical he was informed Friday will be the release of his visa after that he did not come back. 3working days on Busan., doing medical pay for the processing of Visa and the last day waiting for the released of the paper he got deported., how come it happened to him., I have no Idea., until now no news about him., Please Help., Thank you

Re: Fines for Overstaying a Visa

hello, i came to korea in december 2019 on a 90 day tourist visa. by march my visa had expired, but corona had became quite serious and it was difficult for me to go anywhere. japan had imposed the 2 week mandatory quarantine, but i didn’t have enough money to pay for that, so i couldn’t even do a quick trip out of the country. i was stuck in korea and due to everything going on, the company that was gonna sponsor me dropped me and i couldn’t do anything. i was told by immigration to take advantage of the voluntary departure act and leave by  june 30th and that i would be fine. so for three months i overstayed while saving up bits of money to get back to america. but then when i was set to leave, i stopped by immigration a day before to make sure everything was correct. when i got there they even helped me fill out some forms, but then suddenly right as i was about to leave someone else came and told me i was banned for 3 years and that i owed 2 million KRW if i wanted the fine to be lessened. i was shocked and helpless cause i had consulted with korean immigration several times prior and they told me i would be ok if i did the voluntary departure act, but now it suddenly changed. i was supposed to be starting my career and life in Korea, please help me if you can. i need to get back

Hello, I arrived in Korea on

Hello, I arrived in Korea on 20th August with a D-4 visa for 6 months. I failed to apply for an alien card because I was not aware that I had to do it. I tried to get an appointment at the immigration before my visa expires (20th February) but there was no slot available for over a month, forcing me to make an appointment on 25th March. So I am 3.5 months over my alien card application date and two weeks over my visa expiration date. What fine/punishment am I risking if i go to the immigration now and if I go on my appointment date, 25th March? Knowing that I then would be a bit over 4 months late for alien card application and a bit over a month late for my visa extention. 

Thank you for your reply.