I need a fillet mignon wrapped in bacon with a peppercorn sauce!

 I recently treated my Korean friend to his first ever Fillet Mignon at a TGI Friday's. By Fillet Mignon standards it sure didn't look good, but nevertheless It was love at first bite.  

However, I'd already told him about fillet's wrapped in bacon and the wonders of Peppercorn sauce. Anyone know where I can find that in Korea? Preferably in the midprice range.



For your exact requirements

For your exact requirements you are going to be pushed to find it anywhere. For a good steak I am sure that Sunset and Sharkys and the soon to be Geckos would provide you with a good, tasty affordable meal.

You might be able to find what you want at any of the hotels down at Haeundae, but be prepared to pay for it.






Geckos is open. Its been open for over a week now.

 If it's open, when was the

 If it's open, when was the Grand Open(ing!)? A Gecko's in Busan, if comparable to Itaewon, is a need to celebrate..did I miss it? Anyone who has been there and can comment on it, please do.

There is an Angus steak shop

There is an Angus steak shop near my home.  I buy fillot mignon there and prepare it myself on my grill.  I buy some pork bacon and marinate it in a green apple puree for a day.   I don't make a sauce cause its a bit wastefull.

I prepare my fillet mignon wrapped in a green apple bacon topped with a thin slice of butter and fresh ground peppercorn.  The side dishes includes crab infused mashed potatos and a simple medly of vegitables. 



Is there such thing as a mid priced fillet mignon? You may want to try out a place like Bella Citta or at the restaurant in the Novotel-2nd floor, both in Haeundae. They are nice-a bit pricy, but they may have bacon wrapped fillet mignon. But I really doubt it would be mid-priced? Outback is not great but then again you will get what you pay for so it may be worth it to try those places. Good luck.


It opend a little more then a week ago.. The food was great.. beisdes the fact that they didnt have the fish and chips.

The chicken tenders and fries there were awesome. They had a limited menu. ( not as big as the one in itawon) They had streak, cheeseburgers, bangers and mash, a thai noddle type dish, quesadilla, salads and so on. The breakfest looked great, im defintly going to have to try it out. Which included Pancakes with blueberrys, steak and eggs, and a western style platter.

The staff was really kind, and even brought us out free shots for a friends birthday. Its a tad smaller then the one in Seoul... but is defintly well worth the trip out.


They had a pretty extensive drink menu, with tons of differnt shots, and mixed drinks. They even  have pitchers of margaritas. From what I saw, the bloody marrys were the drink to get there.



Food in Korea

I can't wait to try out Geckos. I love the one in Seoul. And breakfast-hell ya. Pancakes are a dying bread if not dead here in Korea. I have only seen them at McDonalds...lol Gonna blow Breeze Burns away. I liked it at first but kinda bland the second, third...time.

As for steaks, Sunset and Sharky's have steaks but I have found them to be quite fatty. But for 15/19 bucks, what do you expect? Outback is better actually. The sirloin is always okay. Worth it paying the extra 7 bucks and go there. You could also jsut go to Costco or something like that and buy a big slab of beef. The meat there is fresh and priced well.

And I agree with the one other post-fillets are the best cut. You can never really get them cheap but I did have one before in the Novotel and it was amazing. I think the one restaurant in the Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon sells good steaks as well but pricy. Good luck and bon apetit!

 Sorry if I wasn't overly

 Sorry if I wasn't overly clear about the fish'n'chips. They were out stock currently,  but Im hopping thats a short term thing.


Where is the Geckos restuarant?


Tts in haundae, in the sfunz

Tts in haundae, in the sfunz building. Its on the bottom level facing the ocean, next to Smoothie King.


Geckos is not in sfunz. It is in the blue building on the beach beside smoothie king. Sfunz is up near the subway. Beside the Paradise Hotel. It is called the Paladecz or something like that.

Can't wait to try the fish n'

Can't wait to try the fish n' chips at Geckos.  Is there anywhere else in town to get proper fish n' chips??

fish n chips

 you can get good fish n chips at tacos family near pnu.. if you are heading out of crossroads take a left... There is also mexican food there... but the fish n chips are pretty dam good.


Hmmmm... Donuts...

fush and chups

 O'Briens in Gaya has great fish and chips as well. 

Have you ever considered

Have you ever considered cooking fish and chips at home. It's super easy and cod or the cheaper alternative pollock are available in all supermarkets. I cook it all the time.