Jobs available in South Korea? ( in busan )

Actually, I posses a diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and also a CCNA qualified. I'm planning on enrolling on a Korean Language Institute next year. But, I would also wish to 김해출장안마 have a stable job. I'm thinking of getting CELTA if I wouldn't be able to have a job in the networking side. That's why, I was posting here to know if it's better to get CELTA to increase my chances of getting a job or would I be okay with my current qualifications.
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Re: Jobs available in South Korea? ( in busan )

It depends - when you say "diploma" does that means a bachelor's degree? Also, is your passport from one of the 7 countries approved to teach English in Korea? If the answer to either of those questions is "no" then unfortunately you can't legally teach English, regardless of whether or not you have a CELTA.