Foods at Korean bars

Yesterday I decided to go out with my girl to this bar in Haeundai called

the Rock n Roll House the place was terrible!

It was so overpriced and the food was crap!I ordered a cheese burger and

got it half raw,I took one bite and spit it out and told the Host to take it back.

Busan pubs have a long way to go before they can compete with bars in Seoul

like Gecko's.I believe one reason bars in Busan suck butt-crack is that they are

owned by Korean people not Americans so,they have no freaken clue that we

Americans love to eat good food along with good,cold beer!

By the way,the beer at Rock n Roll House aint' cold.

Yeah...get rid of those damn

Yeah...get rid of those damn Koreans in Korea. How dare they own a food establishment in their own country! Their purpose in life is to serve us dem good American eats and Bud, only Bud and cold Bud!  

I'm American man, I'm American...yeah...yee-haw!! Yeah! Let's bomb them!!  


ps...If you don't like the food or the place don't go back. There are great places to eat in Busan, even for burgers. You summing them all up as 'butt-crack' is ignorant, not to mention the fact of ownership being non-American is racist.

I'm Korean u idiot. and you

I'm Korean [insult belatedly deleted]

 and you know its sad when r people try to open American bars and restaurants but

don't completely try to make it good but,their purpose to make money quickly at any

price is sad.I don't mind paying extra if the food is good but when I get a hamburger

thats raw and bread half frozen,a slice of tomato thats the size of a whole tomato,

along with onions that r as thick as my fingers  that pisses me off.


Our people? What are you

Our people? What are you the anti-Korean Korean? 

No, I don't think so....Yee-haw!!!! Stick to dog meat then.

Try Eva's bar in Kyungsung or

Try Eva's bar in Kyungsung or Ono restaurant for some good Korean made burgers.  Also Breeze Burns grill in Haeundae, Gwangali and Seomyon does something passable though not spectacular (though I can only vouch for the Gwangali restaurant).


As for ex-pat owned places HQ, Sunset and Starface all do pretty decent western fare and I have very high hopes for the new Sharky's and Geckos, both opening (or just opened) in the Pale De Cz building in Haeundae.

You went to one pub and then

You went to one pub and then claimed that all Busan pubs are crap. You think the place you went to is crap, which means THAT place is crap. If I went to a restaurant and ate a crappy Kimchi jigae I wouldn't start spouting that all places to eat in Busan are shithouse.

I also beg to differ with your claim that Americans like to eat good food and drink good beer. I would hardly call a hamburger good food and almost all American beer I've tasted has been cat's piss. So I would say that YOU have no freaken clue!

But hang on a second, everyone has different tastes and ideas about what constitutes good fare. Therefore, I guess you could just tone it down a little, so as not to seem so aggressive, and try not to pigeonhole and steroetype as much.

By the way, an earlier thread mentions "Thomas Grill" in Kyungsung, which isn't a bar, but has reasonable burgers at a reasonable price and Hoegarden in tap. Also, the guy who cooks the burgers seems pretty intent on producing a good product.


 I love how you tell the poster not to stereotype and then go on to call "almost all" American beer "cat piss."  Have you ever been to America and sampled one of the thousands of terrific craft and micro-brews?  Or are you basing your opinion off of the Coors and Bud light that you've had?

That's what I thought.

And as far as Americans liking to eat good food: We all eat hamburgers?  Oh, thanks for telling me.  That's why NY, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Boston and Seattle are filled with world class restaurants run by top chefs?  Not to mention American homegrown cuisine, from Memphis barbecue, Soul Food, Northwest seafood (king/dungeness crab, chinook salmon), and Southwestern fair (Tex-Mex/New Mexican blue corn and green chilis)...  There's also the rich array of international cuisine available in The States brought here by the countless immigrants over the years...

But, no... you got it right.  We all would just rather hit McDonalds ever day.

For someone wagging a righteous finger at another poster, you seem suspiciously guilty of the same crime.

Jog on.

p.s. the expression "we

p.s. the expression "we Americans" is usually reserved for Americans. So if you don't want to have to clarify that you're not American and in fact Korean then try to avoid this in the future. I never suspected that you were American due to the number of obvious errors in your post.

wanna try it!

if i have a chance to go to korea, for sure i wanna try those foods!

Rhianon, if you do come to

Rhianon, if you do come to korea to try the foodsssss, I strongly suggest the Donkey Chicken foodssss.


Donkey chicken? Are there

Donkey chicken? Are there still branches of that place around? I thought they went out with their last oil flush in 2002.

Anyway, if you like crispy crispy massively battered up little to no chicken feel your arteries clog with each passed piece...enjoy.  All that place is missing is Jolt cola and you'd have a home run for the unhealthiest meal on the planet.

Donkey Chicken

I haven't had Donkey Chicken in years, but what it wasn't was overly breaded or hacked into unregonizable pieces.  Lay off the venerable Donkey.

Donkey Chicken

There's also Mexican Chicken, which is about as Mexican as dwaenjang jigae ...

My vote for the best chicken is Oh-Ku-Dak 오꾸닭 (I think that's it).  It's oven baked chicken.  They have a breaded crunchy one that's totally delicious - big ass pieces, lots of meat - with a choice of dipping sauces.  Best of all, since it's all baked: no grease, except the natural oils from the meat.

It's a chain all over the city now - 2 in Seomyeon, 1 in Kyungsung, 1 in PNU, 1 in Yeosandong, maybe one in Haeundae as well.  Beer on tap served in tall glasses, nice decor, fresh food...  

It kicks the hell out of most all the other chicken joints in Busan.  But I don't think they deliver.

We Brits like to eat shit

We Brits like to eat shit food along with a good, warm beer! Come on Korean bar and restaurant owners pull you fingers out of your arses and stop trying to cater really badly for all these "Americans", try catering badly for other nationalities as well!


blue corn tortillas are delicious. 

just wanted to make a positive comment