Wanted: Vocalist And/Or Musician(s)

Hey Busan,

I just moved to Korea about two weeks ago. I produce music and I'm looking for a singer, English or Korean speaking both OK. Even if you're not the best singer in the world, it's ok, I'm a good enough producer that I can make you sound quite nice!

Also, if you're a musician and looking for a project, another creative voice would be excellent! Any and all instruments welcome.

Or, if any band is looking for a drummer or keyboard player, let me know. (I should add, since I'm into the production side of things, I can sound like a better version of any instrument when I'm on the keyboard, really, so if you're looking for brass/bass/anything, I'm down)

This is getting long-winded. Look, the point is, I want play some music.

Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]



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I suggest you go to the Open Mic in PNU area, where you usually meet people you described in your post.

Good luck with your music producing.

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I'm a saxophonist looking for a jazz jam or some jazz players to get together with on occasion. Also have played in many bands with "horn sections". We played Tower of Power, Earth, Wind and Fire and Chicago covers. I just want to play again.

Reply here or [email protected] to talk.

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Hello :)

I am a female. I have always dreamt of singing in a jazz band. I joined a band in Seoul but I didn't mesh well with their sound. They were more like country/rock. Why are you looking for a singer?

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Juicy, you probably might want to pop down to Jazz Cat in Kyungsung on a Monday night. I'm not sure if they have an 'Open Mic' policy per se, but I know plenty of people who play there on Mondays so just have a word with one of the foreigners playing and see if they will let you get up on the stage. They're an amicable bunch and always welcome new musicians.

Check this article out for more details and other venues.