How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

I finished my degree this summer and there aren't too many graduate programs going at the moment... So teaching English in Korea for a year or two seems like such a good idea.

Anyway - how exactly do I prove that my degree is real to get my E2 and get an ESL job? How do they check?

I only ask because universities in the UK (unlike other places) can't give out any details regarding their students. There are special release forms, though I'm unsure as to whether or not the various Koreans enquiring will understand this quirk. 

So, how can I get around this?



Re: How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

1) You need to find a notary public. They will make a copy and notarise it.

2) Send the notarised copy to the Foreign office for an apostille. (FCO)

When you get it back it is a copy of your diploma verified by the British government.

You also need a background check. They have a notary on staff so you can get this notarised for free. But then still have to send it to the FCO.

Re: How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

If you read the OP properly they are asking how they can get round the fact UK universities weren't verify anything to a third party. The op I presume is new to the process and doesn't know about they system of apostilled and notarisation as being the process to validate a degree

Re: How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

This sounds like that crap that makes it such a drawn out process to get here. If you are trying to cheat, and take jobs from people who actually did some investment to get there, then go home and say "would you like fries with that?" You question is riddled with lies and deciet that makes me angered at just the mere thought of what you are attempting to do.


I would be curious if this is not an alias for ^ poster...

Re: How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

I do have a degree :S gosh some people are getting so mad over my asking how I prove to the korean government that I do because I know the process in the UK is different.

... I'm taking from the tone of some responses that there's some tension in Korea; like a kind of "people like you making life hard for us legitimate people" :-/ what's going on over there?

Thanks for the information about notorisation etc - sounds like a beaurocratic headache hehe. Though I had to drive all the way to Cardiff to get a copy of my birth cirtificate to get a student loan hahaha.

Thanks for the help guys. 

Re: How exactly do they validate a real or fake degree?

I'm British and was able to get my transcripts from my university. They send them to you, not a third party. Make sure the envelope they send you is sealed properly and stamped by the university. Do not open it when you recieve it. (the university will probably ask for a small fee).

Your degree needs to be apostilled. I sent mine to a company in Coventry along with my criminal background check and they check the signatures and give you an authenticity stamp. You then this with all your other documents to the Korean embassy in London. A few quick google searches will get you all the addresses you need. It is a time consuming annoyance though as you largely deal with admin staff and snail mail.

(side note: I heard you don't need university transcripts anymore so although that maybe just a rumour double check before you waste your time and money)