Buying Western and Ethnic Food products

Hi All:

Does anyone know where to buy ethnic and foreign food in Busan for a good price?   I moved here from Seoul, and honestly, food seems pricier here, at least at Shinsegae, Lotte Mart and Home Depot.

So, where does everyone find the good foreign food products without the price markup?

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure what kinds of foods you are looking for, but I would say try to avoid Nampo-dong and the big department store import sections as much as possible if you want to find cheaper food. 

We buy lots of our western food at Costco: Cheese, meat (I substitute ground pork for ground beef because it is lots cheaper), soda, pasta, and canned vegetables. 

I know that there is an Asian Mart in Sasang where you can buy lots of Indian foods, lentals, beans, spices, etc. I don't know how much they cost though. There are also a couple of websites that you can order foods from. is one and is another. 

In general, I have found HomePlus to be the best local mart for western food in both variety and price, but you kind of have to shop around. 

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Thanks so much, Kharrison.    That was exactly the kind of advice I needed.   In particularly, I need to know where I can restock my Indian spices.

I noticed that chickpeas (for hummus) seems to be hard to find here for some reason.   I will join Costco and check out your suggestion in Sasang.



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Kharrison and I are friends but she doesn't know it.

Indian and chickpeas... great place near where I live but PM me cause I live in a suburb that not many people know about that has a lot of Southeast Asians working here... Two Asian Marts.

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If you want to try something cooked indian spicy recipes so just contact

[email protected]. They are selling cheap cooked frozen food and believe

me everything is just perfect, i had tried and so much enjoy with their reasonable offers.

cheers :)

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.   These days I am looking for platanos (green bananas).    I can usually find them at Filipino markets.   I will check out Ssang.


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For Filippino produce your best bet would probably be Texas street by Busan station as there are several Filippino restaurants down there. If nowhere is obvious I would pop into one and ask, they are sure to speak English.

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I was really missing burrito's with refried beans, Just got an order from and was very happy with them. Of course the price is higher than back home but if you can split with a friend the order came the very next day. 

Bought refried beans, jalapenos, 8 inch tortillas, and GREEN salsa. Oh and almost forgot, I also got Corn tortillas~