Exhibit at Jeju Island's "Psyche World" foolishly named "Auschwitz"

Don't ask me why, despite my near-dysfunctional aversion to insects, I found myself wandering around such a strange and creepy place like "Psyche World".  This wasn't my idea, and because I was being lead around Hawaii, er, I mean, Jeju Island (LOL, it's funny because they have absolutely nothing in common) on a sort of guided tour against my will, I had no choice.

Recently I was inspired by the topic of the "Hitler Bar" to dig these photos up and throw them online for all to see.  My one time trip to Jeju happened this past March, so I'm a bit late with these, but doubtless this tasteless and insensitive exhibit is still there.  Common sense dictates you should avoid this so-called "museum" like the plague.

Anyway, the "exhibit" features various display cases with a wide variety of insect species placed in different poses in a diorama.

This is the only one in which I felt compelled to snap a picture, because I found it rather appalling. 

Yes, they named this diorama "Auschwitz".  It's a display that features a bunch of insects in a medieval torture chamber.  This a widely inaccurate, and insensitive depiction of one of the biggest atrocities ever committed by man.  This was a huge oversight on the part of whoever created and named this exhibit.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (anyone who wants to provide a loose translation of the plaque is more than welcome.

Re: Exhibit at Jeju Island's "Psyche World" foolishly named ...

Rough translation of first paragraph:


The nervous system of an insect is divided into three parts;  the central, splanchnic and the peripheral nervous systems.  The central nervous system is composed of the brain, esophagus, parotid, chest and abdomen nerves.  Differently from the human body in which all nerves all controlled by the brain, in insects, they are separated depending on their functions.  For example, an insect can move its chest without any dependence on its brain.  Further, in the case of the abdomen nervou system, it controls digestion, reproduction and other functions. 


The rest is cut off...

Don't know what this has to do with Auschwitz or Nazis or Jews...the title though translates into The Pain of the Insect for what its worth.

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