Fake egg in South Korea?? Personal experience

Hey guys. Last week i bought 10 eggs from 우리마트 at near kyungsung university. When i crack the egg, the yolk almost always broken and mixed with the white instantly. I thought that was very strange, I ate all the eggs in a week, and all of them were mixed with the white instantly.

Today i just googled about fake eggs, and found out that fake egg yolks will always mixed with the white because they are made from the same material. 

I am confused and a little bit scared because few people in China was sick, blind, or died because of the eggs. I am still not pretty sure whether the eggs are fake or not, but I need some help on how should i react to this. Should i report it?


Note, I bought the eggs in 우리마트 대연동. the egg case was purple plastic and i dont know what the brand is.

Re: Fake egg in South Korea?? Personal experience

Maybe get another carton and see if the same thing happens. I tried to do a query in Korean, but most articles refer to the problem in China and interestingly North Korea. Running it through Google Translate seem not to refer to the problem here, but I wouldn't necessarily trust the translation. Maybe you could ask a Korean friend to check the articles out to see if there has been instances of fake eggs in South Korea.

가짜 계란 I think is the correct term for fake eggs.

Not related, i hope, but a year ago I bought a carton of eggs and 7 of the 10 all had a double yoke. Made for some great omelettes!

Re: Fake egg in South Korea?? Personal experience

I know this post was made over a month ago but, I just bought similar 'purple packed' eggs from my local and I think they are just cheap bad eggs. The purple packed ones are in every store and they are usually the cheapest. You get what you pay for I guess.