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I just browsed the 'Nice Deli' website & can say theres some great items on there BUT....

the prices are obsene in many cases!  Often double or 75% above the price in Homeplus - what is going on?

Gmarket has the same items at much lower prices, just annoys me that they are being excessively greedy.

Salsa for nearly 7000 won on nice deli, can be had for 3900 on gmarket or 3500 in a shop near me (Changwon).

Many other case too, it just seems shameful that they are over charging & people need to be aware that much of the stuff is now stocked at Homeplus at much lower prices.

No, I will never order until the prices improve (in case some wise guy states that I do not have to use it)  

I just want people to be aware that the prices are hugely inflated & many items are now available in Homeplus or gmarket.


Regards, I despise greed.

Re: Nice Deli

I can defintely see where you are coming from, before I ran a business I would have said exactly the same thing.


Please keep in mind that some items (like ones from HP) are sold at the request of people out in the sticks who don't have large supermarkets there. We try to source them from our regualr suppliers but if we can't we go retail, give them the price quote and add it to our site if they still want it.


Of course there is a mark up, it is a business, some products have more than others, some products are sold at and near cost. We employ half a dozen people, maintain a website, and often make special trips to places just to get just a few specially requested items. It is a premium service for some products, like having your own personal shopper. After all that is paid for we are lucky to get 20% which is very reasonable and then we have to pay taxes on it. We are far from greedy and have yet to realize big profits as many small business do within their first few years. However thanks to our regular customers (who are fantastic!) we continue to grow, just  reinvested in a nice new website and are now turning our attention to securing better suppliers and buying in greater quanities to hopefully bring our prices down.

Thanks for your feedback it is much appreciated!


Nice Market

Re: Nice Deli

I'm not trying to be funny, but why are you selling Costco goods on-line?Is that legal here? You must be a registerred business with a proper visa, to do this in Korea. If you are not an F visa, it's expensive.Guess you must have all of that coverred. No doubt, an astute group like you are legit.

Re: Nice Deli

It is a premium service for some products, like having your own personal shopper.- no doubt

Re: Nice Deli

After all that is paid for we are lucky to get 20% which is very reasonable and then we have to pay taxes on it.- did you mean to add an I there after the X?

Re: Nice Deli

I remember when this "Nice Deli" thing first appeared online, it was back before Busan had a Costco. I had a feeling they were ordering Costco products from Daegu (or wherever the nearest Costco was), but I couldn't be sure.

Regardless if they are or not, back then all I could think was "So what? I don't care about the service they're offering, and I'm pretty sure they won't have a bunch of suckers beating on their door, maybe the odd one who is desperate and doesn't know any better..." and it's the same now, I don't know who these guys are, but I'm pretty sure their capitalist mindset is the same as any other foreigner trying to offer average (or below average) Western food at astronomical prices.  They're not doing anything new to warrant a stink over.

I remember that O'Briens over in Gaya used to offer a "Philly Cheesesteak" for 9,000won. What I got was a "Chew toy" for a piece of meat slapped on a hot dog bun with processed cheddar cheese.  The joke was certainly on me. That guy had no lime with taking my money, because I was stupid enough to order it. This is no different. If you're vehemently against their prices, just do yourself and everyone else a favor and don't buy from them.

Eventually, someone, someday, somewhere will get the hint and understand that it's perfectly reasonable to offer quality, in an honest way, that stays true to what can be found back home and still have it be very profitable.

In the meantime just understand, expats who have been around the block a few times will always be out to swindle those who don't know any better. These are the same people who have been here for ages, don't plan on leaving, and know that they can stretch their dollar far better by eating at that kimbapchungoo around the corner. They'll sit back and laugh it up while shoveling kimchi and rice into their mouths while the suckers pay their prices and wonder why it doesn't "taste like home".

Re: Nice Deli

Back on form there Champ.Where have you been?

Re: Nice Deli

Seriously I can't see what the beef is!

What is the difference between the 2 models Home + and Nice Deli both buy products from suppliers put it forward to buyers and the said buyers decide to buy or not to buy.  The critics seem to have a bee in their bonnet about the mark - up of some products at Nice Deli believe me (Tesco) makes a larger mark up on their products and is FAR FAR more ruthless how they achieve those $millions of profits they squeeze and squeeze their supliers for every penny of profit.

I buy somethings from Home+ (Tesco) that are a lot lot more expensive here - such as teabags and cereal my choice is simple, buy said box of 12 teabags for 7,000w or not.  Yes I bitch and lament about the price and say I could buy a box of 240 teabags for the same money in the UK. I know that the mark-up is astronomical even factoring in shipping etc but the choice is mine  a cup of tea on waking in the morning or not !!

My church sells costco pizza inbetween service and biblestudy and I "think" they sell it with a mark up of 2,000w each slice.  I don't buy that pizza because the 2,000w goes to charity I buy it because I like it and it is convenient.  People who buy from Nice Deli buy for the convenience of the product availability and delivery not on price.

If Megamart is selling mellons for 15,000 w each and Home+ is selling them for 10,000w do you go to Megamart screaming don't buy mellons here because they are cheaper at Home+ ??

Reselling Costco/Kirkland products is not a problem for Costco as Costco is primarily a wholesaler!!

Nice deli is obviously providing a good service after all they have been around a little while now and employ staff. People who buy from them obviously feel they provide a good service. A service provider/retailer such as Nice Deli would not be in that position without repeat custom from satisfied customers.


Disclaimer ............. I do not know people at Nice Deli nor have I ever used their service.    I have seen their website and concluded I could live without their products or could purchase myself cheaper.


Re: Nice Deli

You may be right, but aren't we allowed to ask. There's no beef. I am just asking if they are a registerred business. That's if they are claiming legitimacy, ie we have invested money on our new site, we employ 6 people, we pay taxes and that's why we charge 20% mark up.I think, they should be aware of these things eg. business registration as a foreigner. If my tone seems slighty negative to you, too bad.I think SC's has championed the right's of consumer here for many , many years.Nothing wrong with that, unless you might be the vendor. New people have been getting ripped off in Korea for a long time, in so many ways. Some members on PW just want to make sure there is value, that its a good deal for both parties, not just one.For example:- not selling used bathroom slippers for $10.I can't understand why people wouldn't go and buy these items themselves. Membership at Costco is $35,get a crew together and buy it yourselves.Don't be lazy.Other goods can be found on the web as the Op pointed out, and possibly at the numerous Foreign marts.Do some research.

Re: Nice Deli

To be perfectly fair, these Nice Deli guys are certainly nowhere close to being the worst offenders...nor are they even "offenders" in the strictest sense of the word (unless they aren't operating under legitimate circumstances, then that I leave up to whatever authorities need take note).

They're offering a service and trying to turn a (relatively) easy buck.  If people choose to buy from them, so be it.

No, the real offenders are people who sell stuff like a used Kindle for 200,000won and have no serious qualms over it.

They are the dregs of not only the Koreabridge, but of the expat community in general.  They're just happy to hide behind the anonymity of the Koreabridge.

At least these Nice Deli guys have put themselves out there and said "You know what, this is who we are, this is the kind of thing we wanted to start, this is what we're offering and this is what we're charging...either you're down with us, or you're not."

Sure I don't agree that some douche wants to slap a shriveled chunk of tough-as-nails beef on a hotdog bun, call it a "cheesesteak" and charge 9,000won for it.  I despise that sort of thing, and I despise a good majority of people on the Koreabridge who KNOWINGLY (key word there, you know who you are, and you know what you're doing) try to pawn their stuff off for more than what it's worth onto the unsuspecting masses.  If you sincerely didn't know any better and priced it wrong, then whatever, no biggie.

Also, those who used the very immature defense of "Oh, what's the matter, all alone on a Friday night, nothing better to do than bitch on the net?" (which is an insult that is typical of the younger, fraternity crowds)...the jokes on you.  Believe it or not, some of us aren't skunk-beer swilling, skirt chasing douche bags who feel the need to be out every single weekend getting pissed and making pathetic attempts at getting laid (by the girls naive enough to let you into their beds). 

It takes me no time whatsoever to type out 800+ words, it's what I do.

People like myself who use the Koreabridge as a voice aren't "trolls", we're more like the level-headed observers who actually have the gumption to say "Hey, you know what, your outrageous asking price makes you look like a douche...just saying."

I digress?  Not really.  Because Angel mentioned my championing the good will of the consumers who trust in the sellers to offer a fair price, because we're all in the same boat here.  These Nice Deli guys are far from being offensive with their retailing of market goods, it's just that the capitalist mindset of the expats who choose to stay here is always going to be deeply rooted in trying to appeal to those within the community by offering Western goods and services at a much higher cost.  There are the good expat establishments that do their best to give you the most bang for your buck (Sharky's...and...Sharky's...etc?)....

....and then there are the ones who think a $9 philly cheese involves a hotdog bun.  Gee, I wonder why that Gaya O'Brien's closed down?


Re: Nice Deli

"They're offering a service and trying to turn a (relatively) easy buck."


Compared to teach privates for $50 an hour or even temping in a hakkwon at the "slave rates" of $25 an hour I wouldn't consider this kind of business an easy buck at all. 

Re: Nice Deli

@Busan Graham - Does your Homeplus not sell the Tesco own brand teabags. They are about 3,000 for 50. They come in a red box not to disimilar to Typhoo. You should search them out or try another Homeplus!

Re: Nice Deli

Thanks  for the heads up Matt.

To be honest not checked recently as I brought a bag of 480 from Asda when I came back in June!!  

I usually use the big Home+ at Haeundae/Shinsagae and have never seen any there - just Twinnings.

I will keep my eyes open next time!!

Re: Nice Deli

So, so summarise.

Nice Deli recogine they inflate prices.

Some fool suggested I should moan abot melon prices (still baffled)

Someone went on about licencicing! (umm morons)

1 guy found cheap tea bags!

I feel my work is done & I would like tea bags - Nice Deli sells them for 4 zilion won - donations welcome


Re: Nice Deli

My 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 cents,

1) Complaining certainly falls under the cataegory of free expression, which I support, and this is as good of a place to do it as any, so fair enough.

2) My main qualm is how some of the posts (I forget the user names) seemed to infer that they are merely trying to "inform" rather than disparage nicemarket.  I can't really buy this. What new teacher here isn't informed and/or aware of the existence of Homeplus and Costco within days of their arrival?  Flash news almost every foreign teacher knows these are your best hope for buying imported products, retail.

3) As I understand it, the essence of the critique is that they're greedy rip off artists preying on unsuspecting customers who don't think they can buy these things elsewhere for a lower price.  But again, who sits at home buying things on NM thinking that the local "supa" is their only options for groceries?

4) Finally, many people don't have access to Costco, so yes, if you want someone to:  manage a website, drive to the store and buy things for you, box it up, and ship it to wherever you live; low and behold, it will cost more than the retail price.. 

5) In sum, one is well within their rights to take to a public forum and voice their complaints; but in this case, I think your critique misses the mark and needlessly impugns (e.g. calling them and/or implying that the site managers are greedy) someone's character.

Re: Nice Deli

There is no such thing as bad publicity- as the old expression goes.(debatable)

You say-  we impugn, disparage, but you are making nebulous remarks here.I think, they are getting a very cheap form of advertisement.They will probably have more customers ultimately, as a result. We can dispute as to whether they are offering a helpful service.We can not dispute that it is more expensive than buying it yourself.Perhaps, the character of the buyer here is more interesting?

I think, you meant to say, that we were debating the claims of the operation. They have clearly said what they are offering, we are questioning that. These claims, they have made themselves. Their claims have a subjective value and a relative convenience.That of their service, and value, from their point of view.They've also claimed that they are a bonafide company here, paying employees and taxes.Nothing wrong with us questioning, or expressing our feelings here.

Please enlighten me with your acumen.Where can a company deny the rights of the consumer to complain? Secondly, point out the competition; give other informed choices or options eg tea bags on here. Lord help us, if we suggest taking their buck elsewhere, might a better choice for them.

Convenience- Korea still has good transportation(my subjective opinion); no distance should be too far. A customer can have a trip , get out of the dingy, little place where they live.The shopper could divide their costs, per kilometer.Therefore, for example:- if you've pay 60 bucks and bought sixty items, that are discounted heavily and will last a long time, you saved.Assuming you are not going to buy more that a suitcase's worth, with possibly a burly friend in tow.You can always flutter you eye lids (man or women) and hope for assistance if the load that bad.Imagine the extra subjective enjoyment when you get it home.

Value- Moreover, the value increases intrinsically, in that you could see Busan or Daegu. Would it be terrible to use your hard earned salary to get on the piss, have a nice meal , walk on the beach, go clubbing, and stay at a love motel? If we are talking about subjective value, that might offer more value for your buck. I don't think Koreans would think paying those prices would be good value.Many do this, so why couldn't a Waykook internet shopper too.Hire a bongo for goodness sake.Have some fun, see Korea if you have the time. 

Re: Nice Deli

If you read my comment thoroughly, I state twice, unequivocally,  that of course any consumer has the right to voice complaints, and that this is a good venue to do so.  As such, I was merely offering a critique of others' critiques, which I hope you would agree is an equally valid exercise.  Lastly, I do believe there is a difference between saying that you think there prices are too high and inferring the site managers are greedy opportunists (which to be fair Angel, if I recall correctly, I don't believe you did).  True enough, one can access Costco and such if they choose or they can pay for the service to have it delivered to them.  My main point is that I don't believe those who use the site (myself not being one of them) are under any illusion that they are not being charged for the convenience and service, thus I fail to understand why the fact that the site adds a charge on top of retail is surprising or notable.

Re: Nice Deli

Some good points!  I merely wanted people to be aware that the prices are highly inflated & that many of the products are readily aailable at Homeplus etc.

Its not a 'beef', I see it as more of informative statement particularily for new arrivals.

I do not care about the profits of Homeplus or anyone else for that matter.  I care about stretching my won & getting the best bargains.

Nice Deli does offer a service I agree & has some great products.  Thats all well & good but it remains a fact tha the prices are excessive & that the same or similar products are available elsewhere.

I am not about to produce a thorough price comparison, people can do that themselves.

I do not believe they make 20% profit, if so then something is far wrong.  Theres no free postage etc, so with the inflated prices I am sure the profit is over 20%.

Anyway, it seems most agree & I do realise there is freedom of choice regarding where I (or you) shop.



Re: Nice Deli

Also, well done to Nice Deli for replying.

The fact that you mentioned a possibility of a reduction in prices is positive.

I shall keep an eye on your site & hopefully the prices will become as appealing as many of the items are.


Re: Nice Deli

A quick and hopefully final note to this slugfest... Nordstrom's used to pay people as personal shoppers to simply shop for people and get them their clothes. I had a friend who did this and made nearly 6 figures. For us sales people this was like the ultimate inside sales job with air-con. 


web site-cheep, car to buy stuff-cheep, gas-pretty expensive, time to go shopping- 25 an hour (going busan PT rate at a hakwon). 

People in Ganwon-do getting salsa: PRICELESS


Re: Nice Deli

Again, thanks for the input.  I do find it amazing that Nice Deli replied first & stated clearly thatthey are looking at ways to lower prices, they clearly see the problem too.

As for Hochmuch (I forgot the id precisely), this was to inform people.  I am not out to upset sales at Nice Deli - just feel it needed to be raised.  It cannot be disagreed that many have voiced similar sentiments.

I did imply greed but I do realise business practices etc.  

It seems to me that you are more concerned about defending or just arguing.  I am not into that conduct.

Fact remains, this was to inform & I am sure it will, I also hope it may push Nice Deli into lowering prices.

If I was out to destroy anyone, I would have said - Nice Deli needs to increase their prices, I merely offered an observation for new arrivals & it seems this may in the long run benefit Nice Deli.

No need for people to get all high strung & critical of others.


Respect to all.




Re: Nice Deli

I've only dealt with Nice Deli once, in the infancy of their operation, and was really dissatisfied with the product, so I never went back.  That being said, if people think their prices are fair and are happy with the service, good for them.

Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute" and while I agree that the mark-up is not worth the effort or time it saves me from having to go to the supermarket, others may not, especially those that live in the boonies.  I think spa treatments are rip-offs too, so I never go.  Others may choose to, and that's their prerogative.