Koreabridge Classifieds Posting Policies


The classifieds are provided as a service to the Koreabridge community. Any ad that violates these policies  will immediately be deleted and the user may be suspended.



1. Please be civil in your ads. Refrain from using foul or inappropriate language.

2. Please post your ads in the appropriate categories.

3. Please post your ad in only one category. It is not beneficial to you or the users to put your microwave for sale in eight different categories. One is sufficient.

4. Do not post ads for your business in the Classifieds. If you own a business (including recruiting companies, restaurants, bars, travel agencies, and medical services), you are welcome to add your business to the Business Listings for free.  Ads not related to Korea and those for 'home based businesses',  'online electronics', and other common 'spam' ads will not be accepted.  

5. Please do not use the classified ads for events. You can add your event to the Koreabridge Calendar or mention it in the Koreabridge Forums.

6. For the "Jobs Offered" category, you can put as many jobs as you want in a single ad, but we ask that you give as much information as possible for each job.

7. Ads for anything illegal in Korea will not be accepted.  This includes, but is not limited to copyright violation, use of narcotics, and sexual services.  Potential empoyers and employees are responsible for abiding by all applicable laws. 

8.  If you see ads that appear to violate any of these policies, you can click 'report this content' at the bottom of the ad.



    The Classified Section is a place to post messages concerning goods for sale, services offered, housing, and other items of interest to the Korea community.   Queries for information are best posted in the 
    Koreabridge Forums.
    Please do not post 'black list' type of information here.
  • Before taking a job in Korea, make sure you know your rights and the Immigration laws that affect you. To help our users, we've created What Teachers Should Know before Accepting a Job in Korea Please take the time to read this before accepting a job here.


  • While Koreabridge requires that all submissions to this page/site comply with and conform to the Korean law, Koreabridge cannot assume any responsibility for the claims or promises held out by third parties over which Koreabridge has absolutely no control. Ads that contain 'personal attacks, profanity, unsubstantiated claims, or the like', may not be posted or may be deleted at our discretion. We seek your cooperation and consideration when posting to this site.
  • We urge users to use caution , espcially concerning the personal ads. 
    We are aware that some people have had bad personal experiences by responding to posts and meeting the 'poster.' Whilst Koreabridge demands integrity on this board, Koreabridge is unable to determine the legitimacy of the posters motives. That is your duty:
    If you respond to any post on this page, we strongly advise you;
    a) do not give your phone number to anyone
    b) before meeting the other party, determine (a) his/her phone number (b) where he/she works/ obtain a email address and confirm it
    c) determine how long he/she has been in Korea and where he/she has come from
    d) is he/she married or single
    e) at the first meeting you must go with a friend - insist on it -if the 'poster objects,' refuse to meet them
    f) In intercultural salutations where cultural and language barriers may and can occur, we urge you to proceed with caution at all times in your meetings.
  • Businesses that have some relevance to the community, can be posted in our Business Listings Section. 'Work at home', 'Get Rich Quick', and other common spam type of commercial postings are not allowed.
  • Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of every employer and employee to comply with Korean Immigration Law. It is your duty to confirm that the position you have applied for and received complies with the terms of your visa stay in Korea. We advise you to ask at Immigration if you are considering taking the position. They will help you. Do not accept third party advice.
  • Koreabridge provides a viewing platform only and takes no responsibility and accepts absolutely no liability from any dispute or claim arising from the positions listed. Koreabridge takes no responsibility as to the quality of position offered. By clicking on the position you are deemed to have read this, indemnify and hold harmless Koreabridge absolutely from all and any claims, and that you fully understand your Visa obligations.