For sale (desk, tv, chairs, monitors, tv stand, queen mattress, appliances, and others)

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Hi I'm selling the following goods. Feel free to message me here or on Kakao (my ID is sp987). Kakao is easier. I'm located in Gwangalli. Pick up there. Everything can fit into a taxi except for the bed, and sofa. See pictures at this link - 

  1. Wider Desk (20,000 won) - Everything comes apart. Has a very slight wobble that can be fixed by putting a paper underneath one of the legs. I use this for working. I easily fit two monitors onto this desk with extra space on top. This can be taken apart and fit into a taxi. (dimensions: Length - 140 cm; width 60 cm; height 71 cm)
  2. 40 Inch TV (80,000 won). It has 3 HDMI ports, so can easily hook up your laptop to watch Netflix or attach Apple TV. Comes with a remote. Has small legs so it stands easily on a TV stand. Works fine.  Buy with the TV stand below for 85,000 won. Can see the specs here - 
  3. TV stand (15,000 won). It has a slight wobble when moving it, but worked fine for the 2 years I had it. TV was on it okay and has two areas of storage. If you buy this with the TV I will give you the stand for 5,000 won. Can fit in a taxi (dimensions: Length - 100 cm; width 36 cm; height 35 cm)
  4. IKEA chair - 10,000 won. This chair works great and very comfortable for reading a book, but it's stained. I just put a blanket over it and it's a nice addition to the living room. 40,000 if new -
  5. Toaster oven - 10,000 won - Works fine, use this to toast things. it's an oven as well so can do basic baking in here. 
  6. Tall Japanese Lamp - 7,000 won
  7. Queen size Silentnight mattress - 80,000 won. This is the most comfortable mattress I have been on in Korea and perhaps my life. It retails for over 400,000
  8. Sofa (10,000 won) - extremely comfortable 3 person sofa. I fall asleep on this a lot. I have a sofa topper to go around it as the under leather portion is peeling off. 
  9. Electric Water Kettle (5,000 won)  
  10. Yoga mat (free with purchase)
  11. Ottoman (5,000 won)  - Huge size, very comfy. It's perfect for putting your legs up when sitting on the couch. It's scratched on the top 
  12. Router (5,000 won) - works fine. 
  13. Korean Level 2 book (5,000 won)


(SOLD) Microwave - 15,000 won - Nice Microwave and ready for a new owner

(SOLD) LG Monitor (23 inches) (35,000 won). I used it for one of my 2 screens for work. Works fine and does the job. Has 3 HDMI ports. No remote. But can press the buttons under the screen to adjust channels, volume, and settings. - Can see the specs here. 

(SOLD) Narrower Desk/Kitchen Table - 30,000 won. this is very sturdy and the legs come apart for moving. Can fit in a taxi. (dimensions: Length - 120 cm; width 43 cm; height 72 cm)

(SOLD) Games: Rummikub (5,000 won); Kodama (5,000 won) = or both for 8,000 won. 

(SOLD) Monstera Plant (60,000 won): Huge plant i've been growing for 2 years. Grows a new leaf every month or two. Easy maintenance only needs to be water about once very 2 to 3 weeks. Great plant for those who don't really feel like taking care of plants.

(SOLD) Rice Cooker - 5,000 won 

(SOLD) Office chairs (2 of them) - 10,000 won each

(SOLD) Two Stools - 5,000 won each or 8,000 for both

(SOLD) Weights - 20,000 won. These are two dumbbells and comes with a bar that screws into one side of each dumbbell so that you can make a barbell. Good for a home workout. Comes with 14 kg in plates. 4x2kg and 4x1.5 kg weights. 

(SOLD) Queen size plastic frame - 10,000 won - allows you to raise your mattress up off the ground.

(SOLD) Appliance holder/Kitchen storage holder (15,000 won). 3 shelves to store microwave, toaster, or anything you like.

(SOLD) Coffee stand - 5,000 won - typical coffee stand that just needs legs opened to work.