International Idea Competition for Bcome2022 (World Expo 2030 Busan)

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The 3rd International Idea Competition for Bcome2022

Theme: The national pavilion designs of World Expo 2030 Busan


Site Location: This competition is to promote designing on the virtual sites located at the North Port redevelopment area in Busan.


Qualifications for participation: No Limit


Application: fill out the application form on the official website


Prize: total 20 million KRW

* 1 recipient for 1st prize: 10,000,000KRW

* 1 recipient for 2nd prize: 5,000,000KRW

* 5 recipients for 3rd prize: 1,000,000KRW (for each team)

*others for Honorary Mention: Certificates of Merit


Submission of work:

1 file of and A0 size(upright),

1 file of and A3 size bird's eye-view panel design



Official website

Official e-mail [email protected]


Schedule of competition

Public notice of ideas competition Jul. 15(Fri.), 2022

Application for registration 9AM Jul. 15(Fri.) to 6PM Aug. 12(Fri), 2022


Submission Aug. 1(Mon.) to 12(Fri.), 2022

Answers Aug. 16(Tue.), 2022


Submission of works 9AM Sep. 19(Mon.) to 6PM Sep. 23(Fri.), 2022

Deliberation Sep. 30(Fri.), 2022

Announcement of winners Oct. 4(Tue.), 2022

On the official website

* The date and time is as per Korean Standard Time (GMT+09).



An abbreviated compound word of Busan(B) and Competition(Com), Bcome is the brand name of the Busan Architecture Festival's competition promoted to find new emerging architects.


For details, visit the official website 


(Please do not use the Email contact form on this.  If you need to contact the competition sponsors, please refer to the website)